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The format this year is slightly different, as you are group by departments, but in no specific order. Please forgive us for the poor grammar and typos. We tried to make this as factual as possible with mostly your input and mixed with a little folklore. Send us your news and we will pass it on. Or if you have questions, we will post them, or fabricate an answer. Most important, we need more reporters since there is news of new Old Hess Friends who worked at the company after most of us retired. If you think that we have forgotten you please forgive us and send us your update and it will be published about January 25th the following year. Other pages are published immediately.

We also want to start a page for our extended family, those contractors and vendors who helped made the company great… or not so great. Any information on format ideas will be appreciated, as well as articles that you would like posted.

A.Administration, Planning, and Executive Departments

1.Hank and Valerie Wright continue living in N.J., and they frequently travel, with long stays in Florida during January. Hank also enjoys working in his garden. Hank's has a lovely granddaughter who is a recent grad from law school, and recently married another lawyer. We are sure that he is very proud. You should not visit this website, if you do not know of Hank’s contributions to the Hess organization, its employees, and to the Virgin Islands. We received several communications from Hank throughout the year only inquiring about people…like Peaches, Dan Garde, and others. However, there is hardly any place in the refinery where you cannot see his fingerprints. Among countless credits, he directed the creation of the HOVIC Refinery (now HOVENSA) in 10 ½ months! Not to mention the help he gave to St. Croix after every major crisis…Meson, we need him now!! Hank’s career spanned from construction manager to President of the Hess Corporation. Everyone knows that it was Whitey Gieseking who killed Ms. Annie’s bull. Next year we might tell Hank that it was Calvin Schmidt (deceased), and Luther Edwards that drove the HOVIC pickup truck off the cliff at Point Udall, and that it was Frank Kelemen and Luther who the security guards reported as intruders on the East Jetty. Or maybe we should tell him whose decision it was to put running water in each stall of the horse coral (you new folks do not know that in the early 1970’s, the refinery had a horse coral for the many horses that employees owned). Or maybe we should tell him about the signals that were used on the radio to warn us of his whereabouts, and how the Shift Superintendents helped cover up our misdeeds night and day. But even after retirement, we fear that Hank will give us an unforgettable painful tongue lashing. He may stop our pensions and even stop our social security payments. Yah, maybe we will tell him next year. Besides, those are the beginnings of some very long stories.  

      Rene and Carmen Try to Help

Carmen and Rene Sagebien

2.Rene Sagebien and Carmen continue to be travelers around the world. Carmen permitted Rene to make a huge sacrifice and return part time to HOVENSA to help the company survive some very hard times. This was truly a sacrifice and not about money, since tomorrow is not promised to us. For many years Rene was the inspiration for the Refinery, its employees, and the St. Croix community. Rene is a true leader. Employees gave all that they had to give, not because of fear or money, but because Rene wanted it done. Emulating Rene, we worked long hours, kept the environment clean, safe, treated each other with respect, and we knew how to relax. As busy as Rene was he found time to be part of the local culture, even participating in the St. Croix carnivals. The people considered him as being one of them. He and Carmen are still willing to help the company remember the principles that made the facility great. They live in Key Biscayne, Fl. with frequent visits from Jeanine and Reggy who live nearby. Sons Alex, who lives in Houston, and Carlos, who lives in New York, and their respective families visit several time a year, especially during Thanksgiving when the whole family gets together to celebrate that great American tradition. Rene celebrated his 71th birthday January 13th. Carmen and Rene are active in their church, but we still submit that if Carmen agrees, we can get him elected Pope. See their photo album shown in this website.  
3.W. J. Howard (Georgia Howard) is well and living again in Macon, Georgia. He says that other than his hearing and Vertigo, the doctors give him good reports. Georgia turned 99 last year and we continue to wish him well. His heart is still in the refinery as he continues to inquire about its well being. The refinery would not be what it is today had it not been for him. We remember him working 7 days a week, and showing up at any hour to inspect and give advice on refinery operations. Many operators were successful because they followed Mr. Howard’s advice. 
4.Stanly Slusasz, Administration, passed away on Nov. 9, 2010 after a short retirement in Jackson, Mississippi. We have no details.
5.W. Royce Stroud, Administration, is the plant manager for the West Indies Oil Company in St. Johns, Antigua.
6.Brian Sterling, Refinery Manager, is well and is freely playing his music somewhere in Washington. We are not sure if he is doing the Dot Com thing, but you can follow in on Facebook.
7.Larry Kupfer, HOVENSA’s C.O.O., is still living on St. Croix. His professional life can be tracked on Linkedin.com. Larry has continued to work with local community groups, i.e. soccer, Queen Louise Home, the Bike Association, Boy Scouts, etc. You would think that he is doing PR work for the HOVENSA. He is a one-man community foundation! However, we are sure that Larry is relieved that he will not have to participate in the annual Three Kings Day Parades (He never quite learned to dance like Rene).
8.Kitsy and Noel Van Wood (Administration), has retired, but Van occasionally works a consultant. You should see the house that he built on the North shore. It has the most historic, sugar production plant on the island dating back to the 1800’s. It is like taking a page out of history. Van spends lots of time working the land, helping local charities, and keeping fit. They say life begins at 59. They also spend time at their home in Montana. Van loves to fly fish and he even catches enough to eat. All of the children were home for Christmas, along with some significant others and one boy’s mother.  
9.Genny Edney, Administration, is well, retired, and loving it. We know that she is active with her church, her grandchildren, and going to the gym at an ungodly hour in the morning. How can the refinery run without her?
10.Penny and Glenn Hensley (Administration and Maint. Dept.) live in the Humble area. Glenn is an estimator for Willbros Construction in Houston. Penny is still as pretty as ever and continues to keep a smile on Glenn's face. The kids are married, with Casey marrying in 2008.  
11.Janie and Charlie Almon, Planning and Q. C. Dept, have passed. He son Daniel writes that he: “ vividly and fondly remember their days in STX, and have recounted many a story to his kids. When Pop retired In 1990 his parents and brother Mark moved here to the Baton Rouge area. My mother passed three years later after a struggle with health issues. My wife and I built a house close to theirs, and invited Pop and Mark to move in with us - and they did. Separate but together ... they have a kitchen, bath, two bedrooms and living room - we're under the same roof, connected thru our laundry room. It was great for all of us ... the kids grew up knowing Pop and Mark, I was able to share time with Pop and Mark ... help out a little. Pop passed in Feb 2007. I was very fortunate to have the time with them ... and miss both of them terribly. As per their wishes, I care for Mark. He's really doing well. Does not get around as he used to (but neither do I) ... but he's still the sweetest, most loving mess! The twins Claire and Alex will be 21 next month. They're both students at LSU -Claire starting her senior year, Alex his junior (knucklehead, as was/am I). Both are good-hearted, bright adults ... and of course are great with Mark. I've been with BASF for over 25 years. I'm the NAFTA system administrator for the learning management system - creation/delivery of web-based training, and management of all training records. I went to STX in April last year ... dovetailing with a business trip to our Manati site in Puerto Rico. Great to see the island again, and hook up with Hess and high school friends. Hope to go back soon. Pop and I often reminisced of STX days - special to all of us”. 

B.Accounting and Office Services Departments

1.Norma and Ed Weinman continue having a condominium on St. Croix, but they are spending most of their time in the States to be near the grandchildren. They look well, and Ed can still make the moves on the dance floor. Son, David is married to Fran and their son, David Brian attends Duke. Other son, Michael is married to Nessa and they have three sons: EthanAvery and Noah. David and Michael live in Los Angeles. Daughter, Jennifer is living in Tampa and is married to Ken Turkel and their children are DavidBecca and Jonathan. Ed and Norma visit St. Croix 3 times each year to support the Queen Louise Home, the Good Hope School, and to just cool out. I pray that Norma and Ed never lose their attachment to St. Croix. I still want to be like Ed when I grow up.  
2.Arlene Stevens, Office Services, is living in Los Angeles, working with the movie stars, and enjoying son, Todd who lives in Venice, California with his two sons. Her daughter also lives in the area. She is still beautiful, see the photo section of the site.
3.Andre McBean, Accounting Dept. is enjoying retirement. He and wife, Jan have a beautiful home overlooking the Christiansted harbor. Andre is known for his beautiful mahogany woodwork, and Jan is a real estate appraiser. Andre continues to be busier now since he has retired. We believe that Andre and Jan are active members of most civic organizations on the island.  
4.Carmen Salvat, Accounting Dept. continues to enjoy retirement. Carmen spends most of her time traveling between Florida, and Puerto Rico. Also her oldest grandson, Justin is a freshman in college and he has received an Eagle Scout Award. Jeremy, 2nd grandson, Jeremy started high school last year, and started his plans for his Eagle Scout project. Needless to say that Carmen is very proud of them. Carmen has slowed down on her plans to build a house in Florida near her sister Nancy Zurita (Warehouse) and Her husband Dennis (machine Shop). Carmen’s daughter Ivette, and her husband, Scott Gronauer (FCC Operations) continue to live in Apopka, Florida. We believe Ivette works for Charles Schwab, and Scott is an auto mechanic. 
5.Cheryl Zimmerman (was Haberkorn) who ran office supplies (pretty, very nice and who could forget her?).  She is in NH and has a son 27. We sure would love to see her now!
6.Juanita Santiago, Accounting, is a full time grandmother and great grandmother. Her travels have slowed due to helping out with the great grandchildren. In addition to caring for her grandchildren, she keeps busy doing painting on ceramic tiles. If you ever get a chance, have Juanita tell the story about the boat trip to Buck Island when she put the boat on top of a reef. Being the only sober person aboard, she assumed the role of the captain. The Coast Guard is still talking about that party boat. Of course, I was nowhere near that boat, but an old friend told me the story. At the time, I was in elementary school. Even Hank Wright did not hear this story.
7.Jaime Torres, Accounting Dept., has retired and living on St. Croix. We believe that he is no longer operating his bar. Jaime does lots of traveling with frequent trips to New York. He is still helping the many employees and retirees file their taxes. 
8.Victor Rojas, Accounting Dept., is alive, retired, divorced, and living somewhere in California.
9.Irma Liebert, Accounting Dept., is still happily residing in St. Pete, Fl. since 1986. St. Pete reminds her of home. Her kids, Ein Fleming and Jacqueline Eugene are all grown up with families of their own. Irma has seven beautiful grandchildren in FL between East Coast, Central, and West Coast.  
10.Kelly Lama Griffin, daughter of Martha and Carlos Lama, Accounting Dept. Manager (1973 to 1977) is well and she reported that both parents have passed. Carlos passed away in August of 1984 from cancer (he was a heavy smoker), and her mother passed in July of 1986 from breast cancer (she was not a smoker). Carlos was originally from Peru and Martha hailed from Texas. Kelly has a brother also named Carlos who is also well. They miss St. Croix and their many friends. Kelly lives in Houston; been married 20 years (!) to John Griffin, have two daughters, Lucy and Julia, 7 and 11 respectively. Her brother Carlos lives in Long Island with his wife Andrea, they have two girls Lola and Gigi, 9 and 6 years old. Plus Carlos has a son Adrian, 23 years. 
11.Bob Tweed (Accounting Dept.), retired at age 75 and he and his wife Meg are raising their two grandchildren while their mother is at work. The new ark is located in Williamsburg, Va. He also plans to play some golf if his wife gives him the time. The children and their mother share the house with Bob and Meg. By the way, the mother is the widow of one of the Australia men who died a few years ago in the terrorist bombing in Indonesia. 
12.George Stilwill (Accounting Dept.) retired from in 2005 (not from HOVENSA). George and Gladys lives in the Bakersfield California for the last 26 years. Gladys also retired that year from teaching high school. Son, Thomas, who is living in Connecticut, has provided them with 2 grandchildren. Daughter Cynthia lives in Bloomington, MN, and Jennifer lives in Bakersfield, CA. They are all doing well. George is a target shooter and an NRA Rifle Instructor. He is a director of a junior rifle program for kids from 10 to 20 and women. In addition, he is the treasurer of his church and the Kern Shooting Sports. Gladys is in to photography and is doing a picture directory for their church. She has been to China twice and taught English for two weeks on one of her trips. She recently broke her knee at the Great Wall in China. They also like to take cruises and travel. George was operated on for prostate removal due to cancer and he is expecting a full recovery. Last year the Stilwills celebrated 50th of marriage. See the photo album in this website.
13.Ole and Carmen Vinding (Accounting Dept.) are retired and they still reside on St. Croix and in various airports. Sunny Isle is not the same without Ole’s. I am not sure if they actually get on a plane, but everyone in TSA know them by the shape of their feet. They look well.
14.Wayne Powell, Accounting, worked in Saudi with Aramco for 11 years, then 15 years with Hunt Oil in Dallas. Son Curtis and daughter Dayna live in Birmingham, Al area. Wayne and wife Patricia are enjoying retirement in a small mountain ski town. 
15.Clearance Brown, Accounting Dept…but no relation to Peter Brown (Marine), St. Croix and St. Lucia until he resigned and moved to St. Eustatius to work for a subsidiary of CBI which I am told traded owners several times. He was transferred to San Antoine, Tx. just prior to the death of his wife Veselee (Phillips, MIS Dept.). We understand that he is working for Nustar Energy where Floyd Sturdivant (Lab) is also working. 
16.Eileen and Carl Hazel, Accounting Dept., Eileen and Carl took up residence in Viera, FL. about 45 minutes from Orlando. Carl has constructed a couple of coffee tables and some end tables which fit well in their new home. Everyone who came to visit has been very impressed with his work. Carl tells them that all praise must go the good guidance he received from Andre McBean, and also to Mother Nature for giving St. Croix the prettiest mahogany in the world. Carl has started doing some of the retirement stuff such as going to the gym 3-4 days per week, some woodwork, playing golf, and feeding the needy at a charity place called Daily Bread. They have traveled to Bequia, St. Vincent, New York and Philly. Needless to say, he listens to a lot of music, even in his garage/workshop. They also visited with Dan Garde (Safety) and George Straschnov (Medical). Carl attends symphony performances, and live HD broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera. He has also started reading, which he says that he neglected for quite a while. Carl started a course in photography.
17.Rhonda and Gary McConaughey (Accounting Dept.) live in Spring Tx. Gary is the Controller for Wyatt Field Service Company making frequent visits to St. Croix. Wyatt is the refinery prime T.A. contractor. Gary and Rhonda enjoy their Houston home, church activities, family, and especially their four grandchildren. Son, Kirk works for an oil service company servicing wellheads. Daughter, Kandra (McConaughey) Foster has been married to her husband, Jason, for 15 years. Kandra, Jason and their family have lived in Spring, TX. They are enjoying being only 7 miles from Kandra’s parents and brother (Gary, Rhonda and Kirk McConaughey). It is close ~ but not too close! Jason is a Director for Continental Airlines IT Dept. (maybe he can get us some cheap tickets). Kandra is very fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom, although she’s not really home much because she’s running here, there, and everywhere (school, grocery store, church, drill team, football…sounds like a hockey Mom) trying to keep up with the kiddos. In 2011, Payton turned 14, Miles 13, Kamryn 10, and Blayne 9.  
18.Bill Elliot and Tony Elliot (No Jack, they are not married…they are brothers who worked in the Accounting Dept.) live on St. Croix. Bill has retired from his job as the Accounting Controller for the VI Police Dept. and Tony is retired from the University of the VI. If you want to cheer up and get some laughs, have a drink with either brother…two can chew!
19.Bill Sullivan, Accounting Dept., still lives on St. Croix while operating an advertising company and is a local sports announcer. He looks the same, but with much less red hair.

C.Economics and Planning Departments

1.Joe Richie, Economics and Planning, took an early out package a year back and does some consulting work out of the house. He has been working with Dan Dempster and Mike Medeiros, some names from the late 90's in planning at HOVIC.  
2.Diana and Eugene Grumer, E&P, after HOVIC Eugene worked 9 years at North Atlantic Refining in Newfoundland, Canada. Then retired to Boca Raton, FL, in 2006. He is now 71 years old. He plays tennis 6 days a week, as captain and play first doubles court for the team that won the Palm Beach County Senior League Division 8 Championship in 2010. He serves as vice chair of the Polo Club Tennis Committee, while playing duplicate bridge once a week, and have maintained his competitive chess rating. Eugene married the former Diane Ramirez Karsenty, who owned Gerdian's, and they celebrated their 27th anniversary last June. Between them they have 5 children and 4 grandkids. Eugene’s are Sondra and Warren in Maryland, Elliott in Philadelphia. Hers are Solange in Connecticut and Gerard in Los Angeles. For their 20th anniversary we toured Italy, and for the 25th took a safari through Tanzania. Eugene and Diana recently visited St. Croix with a visit to the refinery, their old Figtree home, drove the paved road up to Point Udall, snorkeled at Buck Island, stuffed themselves at the village, and enjoyed the Children's Parade.

D.Engineering and Technical Services Departments

1.Eric Hutchins, VP Technology, and wife Pamela Hutchins, VP HR & Legal, report that 2011 was a pretty darn good year for their family. Eric is still at Process Consulting Services (www.revamps.com), and, while it was a busy year with quite a bit of travel (Canada and domestic), he enjoys the work and the people. He also warns everyone to take care of their "toots dem" as he had an abscess on one that spread to a heart infection and resulted in his upcoming series of procedures to replace the half of his jaw bone that he lost. Pamela had a record year at EPS (www.epspros.com) and also traveled a lot (UK and domestic). She is working with her editor on the release/publication of 1 of her books in 1Q, 5 of her books in 3Q, with 4 as a stretch goal in 4Q (http://pamelahutchins.com). They are looking forward to a great 2012 triathlon season. Eric's oldest, Steven, is studying for his MBA at the University of Florida at night, and working in the bonds department at Raymond James in Tampa by day. Nicole works as a researcher at Moffitt Cancer Center. She is also in grad school. Michelle graduated from Bellaire High School in Houston and is now on academic & athletic scholarship at Adams State College in Colorado, where she is a distance swimmer. Pamela's oldest, Clark is a junior at Bellaire High School and has qualified for the state debate tournament in cross examination (guess who wants to be an attorney); he also is involved in robotics. Samantha is a freshman at Bellaire High, where she swims , argues with everyone, "hangs out" with friends, and is in the choir. They are up to 1 cat and 3 dogs with the addition of Petey the one-eyed Boston Terrier. Eric has started pre-construction on their home outside Brenham, Texas, and Pamela is managing the contractors in Houston as they update their home there. Eric lost his father, Gene, at Thanksgiving this year, and you can read or leave tributes at www.eugene.hutchins.se. His mother and brothers are doing well, as are Pamela's parents, former Cruzans all. Please drop Eric and Pamela a line at trimon29@aim.com or pamelafhutchins@aim.com. They love cooking for HOVIC/HOVENSA friends. They hated missing the Houston reunion in 2011, and plan to make the next one, as well as continue to throw annual dinner parties for former colleagues in the Houston area.  
2.Treva and Elwyn Partin, Manager of Tech Service is living in Missouri City, Texas. Elwyn has been retired for 12 years. From their 3 children they have six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren (and still counting). Elwyn participates in two hobbies that he dearly love, Barbershop singing and Woodworking. He is in a Barbershop quartet, and sings two to four gigs almost every week, as well as a Barbershop Chorus. He also makes wooden bowls on a Lathe anywhere from one inch to 16 inch diameter out of exotic woods from the Amazon and Congo River areas. Occasionally he makes other wooden articles as well but he really love turning bowls.
3.Jane and Lee Varner (Assist. Refinery Manager) lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I believe that both of their children live in that area. Lee is working for the State of Mich. in the Environmental Dept. Jane has retired from the judicial bench. Lee is making plans to retire someday.
4.Leonard (Maintenance and Reliability) and Kim (Operations) Irvin are well. Leonard is still working for Bp as a construction engineer on the slope working two weeks on and two weeks off. They have been taking the time to travel with trips to Hawaii, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Sedona AZ, Roswell NM, Mexico, Spain and Milan (I hope that they save someplace for retirement). They have moved to Dallas, Texas while building a house in Plano, Texas. Leonard completed a master in project management at UAA and is looking to attend SMU or another university in Dallas.  
5.Todd and Brenda Peeler, Tech Service, are doing well. Todd’s health is reported to be much better. Brenda must be one of the most senor engineers in the refinery. The guys at the rum shop tell us that Brenda continues to do outstanding work and that they can depend on her sound advice.
6.Gary Brumback, Tech Service, has ended his career with HOVENSA and is now working for Praxair, Inc. in Woodlands, Texas. He still has links to St. Croix through his interest in the Brew Pub Restaurant and bar. Gary writes that he is very grateful to Fermin RodriguezVan Wood and Eric Hutchins, because they all gave him the opportunity to live, work and thrive on St. Croix for fifteen years. He had the opportunity to try his hand at entrepreneurship and succeeded in turning a failed business into the most popular bar/restaurant/microbrewery in the Virgin Islands. Last December will mark his and Richard Mahurt’s 12th year of ownership. That's pretty incredible for St. Croix especially considering that neither Rich nor he knew anything about that type of business. Most of all though, he has been so blessed in all the friendships that he made over the years on the Island. But Life moves on.... Gary moved back to Houston and went to work for Praxair, Inc. as a Sr. Process Safety Engineer joining former HOVENSA employees: Luis GomezJeff LundRandy Haynes and Cristian Gonzalez. Praxair leads the industry in North & South America in the production and distribution of industrial gases such as Argon, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen to name a few. Gary’s new job also requires a little travel. He has already been sent to the Netherlands, Louisiana and upstate New York during a six week period. Of course, the best thing about being here in Houston is that he can attend football games as Texas A&M by driving for an hour rather than flying whirlwind round trips from the Caribbean.  
7.Doug Jones (Engineering STX and Woodbridge) and his wife Helga have settled back in their hometown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I guess that he got tired of commuting 90 miles to Port Reading, so he is no longer with the company. I understand that they live near Gina Stephens (Widow of Scott Stephens, Administration).
8.Charles Stith, from the drafting file room has retired. He celebrated his retirement by marrying a beautiful school teacher named Leslie from Cleveland, Ohio where they plan to live during the school year. Other times will be spent on St. Croix where Charlie will continue his reign as President of the Riffraff Club. The club meets Fridays at Gertrude’s Restaurant for tall tales and liquid refreshments. Charles and Leslie vacationed on St. Croix during the Christmas Season. Charles continues to raise funds for the Queen Louise Home. Charlie acted in a play called Fences and now he is working on a role in The Color Purple. Also, Charlie has written a book titled Bangkok by June. He proves that life after HOVENSA can be fun.
9.George Edge who was one of the first engineers in the various Hess refineries and later worked in Marketing is still working part time. Earlier last year George lost his wife Sally.  
10.Joe and Theresa Turnbach, Tech Service, are living in Wilmington Delaware, where Theresa is the Senior Operations Manager at Port Contractors Inc. 
11.Steve Schaefer, Application Engineering, is retired, well and living in Vancouver, Washington. We miss his sense of humor.
12.Victor Hoover, Tech Service is well and working for the Valero Refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas.
13.Jo and Stan Davenport, Design Engineering (instrumentation), after leaving HOVIC, they settled in the Houston area while Stan worked for various chemical plants and refineries. Stan retired in 2003. Jo returned to college for a second degree…..retiring from the Houston Symphony, while son, Mark is in New York running his own music related business. Stan is doing some consulting recently in the alternative energy sector………development of new commercial wind and solar farms………. economic analysis and technology selection. The latter part of his Arco career was engaged in cogeneration development and industrial energy systems optimization. They are both in good health and enjoy their daily exercise a routine…….2-4 mile walks every day. They both weigh about the same as we did in the 1970’s…….just a little more wear on some of the moving parts. Some folks have all the luck.
14.Linda and Chris Simmons, Design Engineering, are well. Chris has stopped doing code packages, in fact, he has retired. In a nutshell: they continue to call their boat “home” where they live and sail outside of hurricane season. The boat is stored at a safe harbor in Trinidad. Their land based home is in Young Harris, Georgia. Chris continues to play music with various bands throughout the Caribbean. Chris miss his lunch partner, Kim Matherne, Design Engineering, who is working on the North slope in AK (no Jack, he cannot see Russia), and living happily with wife Shelly and their two beautiful daughters.
15.Bill and Teri Carter are well. Bill is the Process Department Manager for Anvil Corp. Teri continues to work on their house and tries to maintain the garden Bill keeps building. They say that life in the Pacific NW is great! Hiking, exploring, gardening, and beautiful scenery every day make them feel fortunate to live there. Daughter, Lauren is now 25 and working as a Sustainability Consultant in West Seattle after graduating with an Environmental Science degree. Son, Troy is in has graduated from Stanford.
16.Bob Reed, Woodbridge Engineering in early ’71 and left in late ’76 at the completion of Phase 5 and then returned in ’90 for the FCC project. Bob is now working with many of old Litwin hands at Mustang Engineering. 
17.Penny and Don Dillard (Tech Services) continue to live in Arkansas. Don left HOVENSA for a position with Murphy Oil Corporation (headquartered in El Dorado, AR). He retired but continues to work for MOC on a consulting/contract basis. Their children, Ashli and Wesley, both live in Houston. Ashli graduated from college, became a Gemologist. She has since married, has a beautiful daughter and is working with autistic children in Houston. Wesley got a couple of degrees from Ole Miss and is working in the accounting field in Houston.
18.Cedric Charles, Tech Service, is currently working for Valero Aruba refinery in Aruba as a Staff Process Engineer, with primary responsibility to mentor and train the younger engineers. He and his wife Suzette have two grown sons living and working in Dallas, Texas. They have just celebrated 28 years of marriage. Cedric is also the Pastor of Peniel Baptist Church on Aruba. He is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. By the grace of God and upon his calling and direction, they founded this new church 5 years ago in Santa Cruz.
19.Angel Sylvain, Tech Service, is well and retired. However, she is working again in the office as a contractor.
20.Brian King, Tech Service, is well and living in Los Angeles, California
21.Ryan Cole, Tech Aid completed his MBA and he is the Manager of his family owned business, BC Supplies, on St. Croix. Ryan has also built a lovely home, and he is spending lots of time improving his Spanish and following tennis matches around the world. He has not married. So if you have any daughters, please have them apply.  
22.Augie Gentilucci, Director of Project Controls and wife Barbara have built a beautiful house in Judith Fancy with no plans of selling. Barbara works as a nurse, and Augie is again back on his beloved St. Croix working as Manager of Sun Construction. The project in Canada that he was working on was placed on hold until the economy improves. I enjoy seeing Augie and his son Aaron who looks like Augie’s twin, but younger. Aaron is out of college...My, does time fly.
23.Walter Gebeshuber, Tech Service, is working for a German power consulting company building power plants worldwide. We hope that he comes to St. Croix where the lights are out.
24.Chris Marrion, Tech Service, is working for Valero outside of New Orleans as the Tech Service manager. Chris, please send us more information.
25.Victor Marrero, Applications Engineering, is now in Houston and is working as a Business Development Consultant for Honeywell in their Process Solutions division. He lives in Katy, TX which is a suburb in West Houston. The kids are well adjusted and growing every day. Son, Gabriel is still swimming and Sabrina is turning into a fine young woman. Overall, moving to Huston was a good career move. See http://picasaweb.google.com/stxmarrero/KatyDec2009Jan2010#
26.Suzanne Wiegand Newkirk, daughter of Arthur (Artie) Wiegand (Terminal) wrote that she worked in the Technical Services Department under John and Van Wood. Some of the engineers were Fermin RodriguezBrian SterlingPete Barba and Brenda Peeler among others...Dad, Arthur Wiegand worked in the Terminal Department. Dad worked for Hess Oil and HOVIC for 32 years and retired from to Green Valley, Arizona because of lung cancer, good climate and medical care! Dad passed away in December of 2001 from lung cancer. He was living with his wife, Patricia (Patsy). Patsy still lives in their same home with her son Joe. Patsy has survived skin, breast and colon cancer and is still going strong! Amazing after raising 7 kids!! Wendy and husband Phil Garcia (retired from HOVIC) still live on St. Croix in Humbug. They have 2 daughters Nina and Kristie, Kristie is an Operator at Hovensa! She has 2 children. Jackie is married to Rick McGraw and they live in Palm Coast, Florida. She has 3 daughters and a son. In addition 10 grandchildren. Arthur Wiegand (Buckie) worked at HOVENSA on the Tug Boats. He now lives in Pennsylvania with wife Liz. Buckie is a Tug Boat Captain and runs his Tugs in the New York Harbor. They have 3 beautiful kids and 3 grandchildren!! Suzanne, live in Houston, Texas. Her 2 children Steven 28 and Lauren 23 live here as well. Michael, age 18 was killed in an auto accident on the day of his prom. Mary lives in Dallas, Texas. She lives with her autistic son, Chase. She has an older son, Chaz who lives in Utah with his wife and a daughter Sashi who lives in Dallas. The infamous TWINS, Michael and Joe live in Arizona. Michael lives with girlfriend in Tuscon and has his own landscaping company. He has 3 beautiful kids and just became a GRANDFATHER to a beautiful baby girl, Cali!  
27.Norbert Rosado is no longer running HOVENSA’s Drafting Department after 38 years. In fact, I am told that the department no longer exists. Maybe Luther Edwards took it with him when he retired. Norbert is now a project manager or something like that. He and wife Eppy now has four grandsons and they finally got a granddaughter from Rene (his third) and his wife Brenda (her first). Rene’ served in Iraq and his wife Brenda served in Afghanistan. Rene’ appears to be making the Marines a career. He signed for four more years but his wife (also a Marine) is not following suit (Semper Fi). We hope there will be peace in the family (don’t ask, don’t tell). Son Troy lives in Boca Raton and is married to Tzeitel. Let’s hope that HOVENSA is smart enough to prepare for Norbert’s retirement. He is a reservoir of skills and information (He made Luther look good for 34 years). 
28.Javier Lugo, Draftsman, is now living in Puerto Rico and he is recovering from a stroke. Javier did not smoke, drink sprits, or do any of the things done by Jack and Luther. Please continue to pray for him.
29.Patrick Williams, Design Engineering Dept., is well and is doing work for the Virgin Islands Government. He continues to complete building his house on St. Thomas while living on St. Croix. Patrick expects to become a father in 2012.
30.Tracy and Luis Gomez, Design Engineering Dept., are well and living in the Houston area.
31.Lynn Harper and Tresia Glassman, Design Engineering Dept., are back on St. Croix, and Tresia is working with an instrumentation contractor in the Hovensa Refinery.
32.Dario D’Paula, Cad Operator, after an illness, has relocated to the Dominican Republic. He is operating a disco and a car wash. We wish him well.
33.Jeannie and Mike Zehender are living in Houston and Mike covers North America, including HOVENSA for Grace Co. and visits at least 4 times a year. Mike's travels have been pretty much nonstop. Mike is now also working on an International MBA and recently returned from 2 weeks in Brazil as part of that school work. Jeannie travels with Mike whenever possible making trips to St. Croix, Vancouver, LA and San Fran areas and sometimes to the Baltimore area. Over the holidays they "road tripped" with Jeannie driving the whole way at 27 hours nonstop, to/from Virginia Beach to visit their Son in the Navy and their 3 year old Grandson Logan! Mike just got his motorcycle license and is now "shopping" for a ride. Jeannie still battling a few medical issues, but doing well. Mike's Mom has stage 4 liver cancer… so they’re visiting her as often as possible in Ohio.
34.Randall Spayd, Tech Service Dept., is now Senior Engineering Manager for Lonza Biologics, Inc. in Portsmouth, NH. He and his wife Rachel have 2 sons, Ryan and Avery. Randall has worked for Lonza for the last 18 years.  
35. John Steinhauer, V.P. of Engineering, is well and living in California, spending his days golfing and sailing. 
36.Edmundo Octaviani, Maintenance Engineer, is well and working for LyondellBasell. 
37.Peter Hervish, 1971 through 1993, now consults part time out of Florida on combustion turbine/combined cycle performance issues and air emission issues from power plants in the LA area. Peter says that he grew from the knowledge and experience traced back to its roots at the HESS Refinery in St. Croix directly and indirectly. Base on that experience he acquired a patent for treating heavy bottoms with a solvent such as iso pentane and extract a distillate and a raffinate stream and feed the distillate to combined cycle gas turbine units instead of refined #2 distillate and or gas.
38.Eric Douglas, Tech Services, continues managing the General Manager at Caritech Group, LLC, which does design, and project management work. I believe most of his work is down island. Eric has proven that there is life on St. Croix outside of refining.
39.Bruce Williamson, Metallurgist, and his lovely wife Phoebe, have built a beautiful, and unique home in Cane Bay overlooking the north shore. The house is unique in many ways, i.e. no columns, no interior walls, screen doors only on two sides of the house, windows that you can hit with a hammer, a bunker under the house, and toilets that you would not dare to flush while sitting on the seat…the vacuum would suck you in. We know that Phoebe is the one who did all of the work. No word of retirement. 
40.Kelvin Burton, of Tech Service, is in Desert Hot Springs, California working as FCC Technical Sales Manager for W. R. Grace (no relation to Thom Grace)…but isn't that the same company that Mike Zehender is working for? Mike is in Houston and sources say that Mike is Kelvin's boss. That is a great relationship with any boss. Eric never trusted Luther to be that far away.
41.Pat and Richard Gauthe, of Tech Service, have relocated to Wilmington, NC as Richard recovers from his second or third bout with cancer. We continue to remember him in our prayers.
42.Mike Whately, T.S. took Jim Resinger’s place as plant manager of the Navajo Refinery in NM. He enjoys working at Navajo and is happy with the pace and quality of life in New Mexico.
43. Jeff Sill, Design Engineering, is still with S&B Engineering and Constructors in Longview, Tx. (Northeast Texas), and he is the Controls Manager. The family is doing well. Amanda started college!!! Moreover, she wants to be a math instructor, which means 5 (or more) years of college. Jonathan is a junior in High School and he is playing for the tennis team. 
44.Bob and Sharon Burkhalter are living in Houston. Bob had a heart attack in August, but he has recovered and is again working and planning the next Hess reunion. Sharon works at a Christian radio station and has time to visit with their three kids, who all live in town. Bob is still doing the engineering stuff. He did an outstanding job bringing us closer together. The reunion in Houston was greater than all expectations, and we are looking forward to the next one. We are sure that more of us will attend the next event. See the “Houston Reunion” page of this website for more details and linkages. Bob, keep up the good work!
45.Gerald Holmes, Tech Service Group Leader now works for Chevron International Exploration and Production. He is currently in the Facilities Engineering Department at an oil and gas processing plant in Kuwait. He is involved OPEX project support and major capital project support. He is residing there with his wife, Manshuk, and daughter, Ainura and a new baby boy, Kareem. His oldest daughter, Kristen, is attending college and majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences and his son, Keith, is about to start college.  
46.Adam Moore, Process Engineer in the Operations Engineering dept. (formerly Tech Services) from 2007 - 2009. Adam and his family enjoyed living on St. Croix; especially they miss the weather - during their long, cold Canadian winters! So much - that we even took a trip back to St. Croix last winter (last half of February).  
47. Craig Wirkowski, Tech Services, wife Sandy live in St. John, Indiana. They are well and have two grown children.
48. Martha and Luther Edwards, Grand Potentate (sic) are enjoying retirement. They are expecting to become grandparents for the first time in 2012. Martha stays busy with her church, sorority, and supervising Luther. When Luther is not raising orchids, working out in the gym, or kayaking, he is busy serving on several boards, and consulting for nonprofit organizations, including the Virgin Islands Government. He has started art classes and he still hopes to begin violin lessons soon. Their son, Luther, is married and is a software engineer in Austin, Texas. Daughter Denise is a physical therapist outside of Catonsville, Maryland, and daughter Nora is also married and is a counselor for children with special needs. Luther continues to lobby to get something on St. Croix named after Leon Hess.

E.Environmental Department

1.Jan and Bob Ehrlich, V.P. Environmental, have had some health issues and we pray for their continued recoveries. The first set of twin grandchildren are off to college and we are afraid that they will be Aggies. Bob attended a spiritual retreat. ACTS, was a most fulfilling experience for him, so much that he has volunteered to help out with future retreats as a team member. They spend the summers in the Texas panhandle (Follett) raising fruit, berries and grapes on the old ancestral homestead. Bob does consulting work, remodels old houses, and is part owner in a company that makes a combustion efficiency improver catalyst. They divide the rest of their time between Ft. Smith, Ar. and Orange TX. They acquired the old Follett hotel built in the early 1900’s and they are turning it into a bed and breakfast to compliment their vineyard. All of the children are married. Tony, his 2 boys and grandson live in Corpus Christi. Mark, who has a son and daughter, in his spare time, helps his parents with a vineyard in Follett. Mark works for a crude oil gathering company out of Houston. Joe and his wife run Starbucks in Oklahoma City. Lisa and Robert live in Houston and Orange respectively, and they have 7 of their 12 grandchildren, which is why they spend a lot of time in Southeast Texas (Bob, please buy the kids a television!). Lisa still has a full time medical practice in the Texas Medical Center. Robert is the Project Engineering Manager for Koch's petrochemical plant in Orange. More importantly, he and his wife have two sets of twins. The family makes about 600 bottles of wine a year (6 varieties) and 200 pints of jelly (that must be a happy family). They are gifts for friends and family. The only catch is that you have to go to Follett to get it. Maybe they might consider sending some down to very old friends on St. Croix…to the ditch!
2.Lisa and Mel Driver, Environmental Dept, are well. Mel now works for ConocoPhillips out of Houston. This move was necessary for Lisa to keep her PMI Certification. Mel had worked for Conoco for 10 years, so he only had to renew that relationship. Heck, he even got his old employee number back (127102…I have been buying this lottery number) plus four years of relevant service with CITGO and four years of relevant service with HOVENSA. He can now retire! Things are going good for the Drivers in Pearland. Lisa works for Christus Health in Houston as a Senior Project Manager. Their children, Christopher and Alexandria are growing fast, and they appear to be very happy. Alex is 15 and going to the 10th grade and Christopher is 17 going to the 12th grade. Time does fly!
3.Francine E. Lang, Environmental Dept., is the Director of Public Health Preparedness with the VI Department of Health. She is no longer with Environmental Health, but she deals with Public Health Preparedness. Yes, she is still pretty!
4.Ken Haines (Environmental) is semi-retired on St. Croix. He remarried in 2007 and with two friends started a new company selling renewable energy and energy-saving products and services (See http://solardelivered.com). He is still doing environmental consulting part-time and playing tennis 5 days a week to stay in shape. His son Charles is driving supply vessels in the Gulf, and his daughter Rachel is raising Ken's two grandchildren in Florida.  
5.Esther Theobbles, Environment Dept. is still with the Environmental Department. She seems to be well after the loss of her husband, John. 
6.Barry Sams, Environmental Dept., and Joan (Economics and Planning Dept.) continue working in Edison, NJ. However they try to get to their dream home in Ponte Vedra, Florida whenever they can. Their daughters Alyssa, Juliana and Lydia have for the most part launched their careers in D.C, FL and NJ.
7.Paul Tupper, Environmental, is well, living in Katy, TX., and working for as a Senior Consultant-Air Quality at Shell Global Solutions

F.Fisher Hess

1.Henry Fisher, Ray’s youngest son (Fisher-Hess), live in MA with his family. He has 2 kids (Marshall 6 and Olivia 9); they are great at keeping Henry young at age 51. For you real old timers, can you believe that little Henry is 51? When he writes his book it should be titled “The Adventures of Henry Fisher”, and I want to buy the first copy. Like his father (who had construction as a sideline … I am still trying to recover from some of Ray’s stock tips), Henry’s career is financial consulting. Attorney and Brother Jeff is living in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Mother, Mae, sisters Clair, and Bobbie are doing well. Bobbie lives in NYC with her husband. She consults on mostly Brazilian investment banking opportunities. See the Fisher’s in the photo section of this website.  
2.Natalie Ballantine (Secretary for Fisher Hess) and her daughter, Rhea, are running a gift shop, and catering business. They seem to be doing very well. It looks like Natalie learned a lot from Ray Fisher. When Nat is not cooking, she is busy with her church, traveling, or working in her huge yard. See the photo album in this website.
3.Camilla and Traian Moga, St. Lucia Engineer, are still living aboard their catamaran in St. Lucia. They left Clearwater last December and took five months to sail to Rodney Bay. On the way, they spent seven weeks in St Croix, catching up on old times with Tom Anderson and Luther Edwards. They toured East Germany with their relatives and spent lots of time with their grandkids in New York, Silver Springs, the Magic Kingdom, and St Lucia. This was the year they kept their promises. Son, Alex is an engineer in El Paso, and is spending his time entertaining his twin for-year-old daughters. Son Stephen is a Marine lieutenant who returned from Afghanistan unharmed, and he is now stationed at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn.  
4.Mitsuko and Dan Commack, Fisher- Hess, retired from Brown and Root after 31 years. Dan is recovering from a triple stint heart operation. But, he concluded that his hobby is working, so he teamed up with some other senior citizens, and they have started a small grass root refinery in Nigeria. Dan and Mitsuko reminisced about their stay there in VI. where their daughter CI-CI was born at the Charles Harwood Hospital. They recalled the first traffic light being installed, which made Island news. The storage tank fire and the oil spill that resulted in the South Shore line clean up. Great fried chicken at the Rec Hall. And it goes on and on, remerging some of the friends: Ben Nazario, Benjamin (Pops) Esterage (deceased), Geronimo (deceased), Michael John, Stanley Isaac, Ben Ford, Frank Bradfield, Ray Fisher (deceased), and who could ever forget Hank Wright. And the old tanker trucks that Mr. Hess (deceased), and Sam (deceased), made early day’s fuel oil deliveries in Pert Amboy, NJ. GREAT MEMORIES!!
5.Michael CJohn, Surveyor with Fisher Hess and a Civil/Maintenance Supervisor in St. Lucia is still on the beautiful island of St. Lucia with his wife, Joan. Michael retired in 2009. Joan and Michael are enjoying life as she too has retired. To keep busy, Michael is a host of a radio program on http://www.rizzen102.com on Friday evenings from 7:30, and on Sunday evenings from 6:00-10:00. Their children are all married except the eldest boy. Three of them live on St. Croix, and two of them work for HOVENSA, Their children have blessed Michael with 10 grand children.
6.Margaret Minichino is well after the death of her husband Sam, Fisher-Hess. Son Mario and siblings, Missy, and Rick are spread between NJ and Florida. They all are doing well.

G.Housing, Community Relations, and Human Resources Departments

1.Maxine and Alex Moorhead (V.P., HR, and Community Affairs) are well. Alex retired, and no longer works part time for HOVENSA as a consultant. He serves on four boards (UVI Board of Trustees, UVI Foundation Board of Directors, UVI Research and Technology Park Corporation Board of Directors, and V.I. Academic and Cultural Awards Endowment Governing Board, and serve as chair of three of those boards) and that keep him busy. He looks well, but he is getting grayer and taller. I miss Alex’ good advice in many non refinery situations. No, Alex, it is not too late to learn to play the piano and for me to learn to play the violin. 
2.Neal Gelfand, H.R., V.P. New York, since retiring in 2005, spends time between his homes in Bronxville, NY and Naples, FL. We believe that his wife is still working, so Neal’s dream of being a "kept" man has been realized. Neal’s two daughters, Alexandra and Laura are both single and working in Manhattan. Although he did some teaching and consulting when he first retired, he now concentrates on trying to keep the ball in the fairway.
3.Celeste and Richard Vick, HR, are living in Middletown, NY, but they spend half of their time in Vermont. The kids are all doing well with Robert, his wife and 3 children living in Denver. He is Systems Manager for Virtela Communications, a network provider. Richard Jr. is with Starwood Hotels in their Corporate Training Group in Boston. Big Richard would like to have a family reunion on St. Croix, but he says that there are not enough hotel rooms to accommodate his clan. It sounds like he needs a family HR department. See the family photo is Album 2 of this site.
4.Terrence Alexis, HR, wife, son and are in Santa Clarita, CA for the past 4 years. He has been working as the head of Plant Administration and Safety for a French owned company. The company has little over 6k employees worldwide and specializes in the manufacturing of cement. Terrence also has a management consulting company that he run in his spare time...no spare this at HOVENSA. On the home front, his son is now a senior in high school and is looking to graduate next June. He is interested in pursuing a career in computer engineering and has his eye on a few schools in southern California. He will most likely complete his undergrad at a junior college before proceeding to the next level. Terrence is about 1 hour from my brother Keith and his family in Riverside. 
5.Ara Rivera, who worked for Chester Guidry in Human Resources, is now residing in Clearwater, FL and loving it! Working in a completely different environment, managing projects for an Engineering Department (engineers! Ugh!). Ara has spent time with her Hess Friends Penny and Glenn HensleyCarla Reeves, Sharon Karr and Harvey Nobles
6.Val Hill, H.R. Dept., or should I say Dr. Val Hill, PhD is no longer retired and having fun. He continues as Chief Labor Negotiator for the VI Government (you talk about being in deep s…). Occasionally he visits his grandchildren in Atlanta, Houston and Baltimore. Val has published his first book titled “Self-Help for Employees: Achieving Success in the Organization Jungle”. Maybe he should go back to HOVENSA so that he could get some rest. Val can easily past for a forty year old. 
7.Joann and Andy Reid, H.R. Dept., are well, and Andy continues to work from his home in Georgia. He was elected Vice Chairman of the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority (ADICA). He is also active with the Albany Downtown Development Authority Water, Gas and Light Commission, and is a Church trustee, as well as a school mentor… WOW, this man had better go back to Hess so that he could get some rest!
8.Gwen Turner, H.R. Dept. was a snowbird, between New York and St. Croix. Now she spends most of her time on the rock (Maybe it is the smell of the refinery). I often see her in church (when I am there). Gwen needs to write a book on how to keep looking young. She recently celebrated her 87th birthday! Whenever she goes into a nursing home, all of the old guys will look up for sure! Honestly, she could pass for a young 64 year old. She continues to communicate with Ilene Mitchell, widow of Leroy Mitchell, who is well and continues to live on St. Croix. Gwen has visited with Dennis Armstrong (HR) who is well, living in the great state of Texas, and he is still full of the devil. Dennis had cataract surgery, and now he can see the girls again. There is no excuse for him having to feel the girls for identification. In the old days, Gwen was famous for looking out for the men, and mediating reconciliations with their wives. I remember, after partying all night, and ………………………………….. Maybe, I had better hold that story until next year.  
9.Rolston Henry, Rec Hall, is well, living on St. Croix and regularly attends church. However, can anyone supply news and full names of Francis (father of twins), Hugh (of Indian Descent – from St. Lucia), and Isaac?
10.Joe and Karin Esposito continue living in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania. They purchased a 1927 Sears kit home that was in need of major renovations. After five long hard years, last year they finished the last major house project. Joe is the president of his local gun club (and we hope he does not own a gun), he is very involved with the local branch of the American Legion as Sargent at Arms and Karen is secretary of the Auxiliary (nepotism?). Joe is active in supporting political candidates on all levels of politics (we know he is good at that…We are told that he got a man elected who has been dead for years). Joe is the Vice President of the Hideout Sportsmen’s Association and Karen is the secretary (sounds like a conflict of interest or nepotism again!). Karen continues to do jewelry appraisals and repairs. Recently Joe was the best man at Rudy Perrotte’s wedding.
11.George Thomas continues to enjoy retirement on St. Croix, and he is still the life of the party. Wife, Lin teaches at Good Hope East, and in her 30th year! George admits to being 77 and getting mentally younger. Lin and Dennis Sheraw have a group, "Just Plain Folk", which was formed in the 80s at HOVIC. They still play at restaurants throughout the island. George and Lin have 7 grandchildren. You must see George in the Album section of this website! They have stayed in touch with Walter Campbell (Accounting), and Fred Christian (Maintenance). Walter Campbell is living in Naples, Florida, and we believe that AL Hoo (VP of QC) is living near that area. We understand that Al is doing occasional consulting work, and he has another home in North Carolina. At any rate, the old boys are enjoying the links. Walter has stayed in touch with Dick Winter (Instrumentation) who does consulting with Becht Engineering.  
12.Barbara Laggini is currently living in NJ and continues to dream of the island all the time. Her happiest days were on St. Croix working for Colombian Emeralds, and partying with her Margarita Girls. She now works for M&M Mars and keeps her family and friends well supplied with candy. No Jack, I still have not received any candy, not even for Halloween! Daughter Jenn and Jared were married at the Buccaneer in June. Yes, she wanted to go home for her wedding. Son, Mike is in Virginia Beach where he will finish the last 3 years of his career with the Navy. The Margarita girls still keep in touch and get together whenever possible. Just loving life. 
13.Sinclair Williams, HR, continues to work for the VI Government as Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. Sinclair was also a local Senator.  
14.Ralston Henry, Rec Hall, is cooking for the Virgin Islands Government. Yes, he still has that gleam in his eyes! There is no refinery Rec Hall. So, no movies, pool games, ping pong, cheap beer, or wonderful fried chicken. I wonder where the kids hangout?
15.Peaches, whose birth name is Sylvana Simmons, Camps, must be HOVENSA’s oldest employee. I bet most of you did not know that she had a real name like other folks. After 45 years of service, she is still working and she looks the same as she did 38 years ago when I first saw her. The Hess Hilton is now closed, so she now does odd jobs around the main office. Her five children are all grown and doing well. Most of them were named after Hess executives or their wives (good thing that Mr. Hess had few executives). Peaches will still not tell how to make Hank’s favorite eggs. Yes, her laughs are still infectious! Her family tries to get together every other year for a family get reunion. Sisters MarcellaAlberthaNorma and son Joe lives in twin cities. Son Leon lives in Tallahassee, FL working for the State. All together my Peaches has 9 grandkids. And Leon is about to become a grandfather.
16.Avis Reid, H.R, is well and retired..Opps .. She is working again for Pinnacle Services, which is a company that supplies labor to HOVENSA. We wonder how H.R. can function without Avis. We guess that the employees must talk to their computers..or some sort of “center”. 
17.Sarah and Richard Mahurt, H.R. Dept. are well. Richard has retired and now he might have time for other things. He and Gary Brumback (T.S.) operate a restaurant in Christiansted that brews beer, and the food is great. However, Gary has relocated to the Houston area and he is working for Praxair.
18.Yvette Tomeo-Osburn, HR lives in Montgomery, TX, and is now retired from her job as an HR specialist for the state of Texas. She is happily married to a real southern gentleman (see them in the photo section of this website). Yvette still communicates with Mr. Howard on a weekly basis. He tells her that he is doing well health wise and every other way. Of course he never complains. She also hears from Craig Wirkowski regularly. Craig worked for Tech Services. He and wife Sandy live in St. John, Indiana and have two grown children. Yvette also communicates with Carmen and George Seamen who owned Seaman’s Electronics…..Well they moved to Texas about 5 years ago and are living in San Antonio. They visit each other monthly. Yvette says that she has become so use to retirement that she could never go back to work again. “ Getting up at 9 and reading the paper or doing a crossword with my cat on my lab, her dog by my side, and her husband making breakfast is as close to Heaven one can get in this old world.”
19.Jeff Steigauf worked as Labor Relations Manager from 2007 to January 2011 - now working at Lyondell refinery in Houston. He lives in League City now, and wife Nana and the boys have adjusted well.

H.Inspection Department

1.Debra and Bill Heinemeier, Inspection Dept. The big news is Philip got married to a wonderful young woman, Jessica Ziegler. Bill is still at the Husky Lima Refinery in Ohio. Debra and Bill will be celebrated their 25TH wedding anniversary at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, Michigan in October. Their older daughter Heather, her husband Kenneth and their 3 boys 2 to 9 years old visited Bill and Debra for Christmas. Shane, their older son moved from Brooklyn returning to Texas. He and his fiancée Allison recently returned from Manchester, England where they had been international guest artist at Islington Mill. Their next venture is to start an artists’ residence and working farm at the family ranch called Habitable Spaces. Jessy graduated from Ohio State University with honors. She is now going to the University of Illinois at Chicago for her masters in occupational therapy. 
2.Jerry Rhodes, Inspection Dept., is living in Owasso, Ok where he operates his inspection company with some work from HOVENSA and Hess.
3.Bill Braithwaite, Inspection Dept. is living in Slidell, La. Bill has not remarried after the death of his wife. He continues to stay in touch with Frank Croney, Operations.
4.Steve Franklin, Inspection Dept., is living in New Port Richey Florida and has been here for the last 20 years or so. He is with UOP and traveling a lot. He recently got back from 5 weeks in Kuwait. He would like to track down Gary Gensler (Construction Engineering) who Steve heard was still teaching at WCJC in Texas. Mon, does that bring back memories!!
5.Cary (Environmental Dept.) and Barry Guilbeau, Inspection Dept. are well and continues to live on St. Croix. Barry is no longer working with HOVENSA and has started a career working in the nuclear plant outage circuit. It is Spring and Fall work only with summers off. He was working in S. Carolina. He will get to stay on STX since the company pays his travel and per diem. The best part is that the nuclear industry is wealthy and it pays the big bucks! The working environment is amazing as well, SUPER professional, CLEAN, the security clearance is extremely stringent but that is to be expected (but how did Barry pass).  

 I.Legal Department

1.Jack Duggan, Legal Dept. is still enjoying retirement to the fullest in Savannah, golfing four days a week and doing whatever he feels like doing the other three days. He is still traveling to Atlanta and Charlotte visiting kids and grandchildren. His golf game suffers with age, but if that is the only thing that he suffers with… then he is better than the other Jack.
2.We guessed it right! Jim Chamberlain has retired after 28 years of helping HOVENSA, Hess and Port Reading handle the labor stuff. He was born looking like an attorney (deep pockets), but now his daughter Megan can carry the torch. In April Megan was married, her sister Alaina passed both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania bar exams. She has started a clerkship in Delaware. We would like to see a picture of Alaina and compare it to her legal looking dad, who always looks cool (and well dressed with starched shirts)? His wife June, who also retired from Hess, continues to wonder where the day goes. She is so busy and she wonders how she got things done while working full time. 
3.Kay and Attorney Brit Bryant are well and they continue to be active in local charities. We are not sure if Brit is still complaining about HOVENSA supervisors giving directions to contractors. But we are told that his tennis game is not as it used to be, however, we need Brit in the V.I. He is still disgusted about that female attorney that he once hired, but we cannot remember her name. He continues to be a strong democrat, and we need him in the V.I. Senate again.
4.Doug Friedman, Hess corporate attorney, retired in 2002, but continued to do consulting work on HOVENSA matters for a year or two after that. For example, he did the LSG contacts as a consultant. Doug is still in West Long Branch, working on various music history projects and on his Comedian Harmonists presentation, which is quite good, I hear. His book on the Comedian Harmonists, a famous German singing group from the 1930's that was banned by the Nazis because three of the six members were Jewish, is now out and can be found at www.comedianharmonistsbook.com. It is also on available from Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Doug does free lectures and multi-media presentations about the group for non-profit organizations throughout the northeast and recently gave a guest lecture at Williams College in Massachusetts. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey. We wish that he would consider writing something for this website.

J.Maintenance Department

1.Sharon and John Paulus, Maintenance Dept. are well and living in Steamboat, Colorado. They spent several weeks on St. Croix for their Christmas vacations. John and the boys are enjoying fishing on the Yampa River just below the Stagecoach Reservoir. Alas, John’s days have been spent fly fishing and getting his body ready for ski season. He has lost weight and he looks like someone off Men’s Health Magazine. His plan is to ski 100 days this year (This beats turnarounds and operating process units). He hopes to get hired by Steamboat as a part time ski instructor, and John is a volunteer with an organization that helps disabled people ski. There's another opportunity as a mountain guide that he is pursuing as well. Sharon and the boys are adjusting well to mountain life. Sharon has been working out almost every day and really enjoying a cardio tennis clinic. Sharon and John have been focusing on the boys as they have transitioned well into the public school system. Ethan (10) is in the fifth grade. He has made some very good friends, is performing well in his class and is very active in tennis. He loves playing the trumpet at school. Christian (14) is in the ninth grade. He has also made some good friends, is interested in playing and riffing soccer and plans to start freshman basketball next week. Both boys are in scouts and are enjoying camping, fishing and advancements. John’s good friend Paul Leh and his wife Sandra visited from Indiana. MontyToni and Tori Mrotz visited during Thanksgiving. John and Sharon love to show off their mountain! 
2.Christina and Dexter Roberts, Maintenance Dept. are living in Indiana, and are doing fine. Dexter works with kids at a boys club three days a week, and he is enjoying it. He has a black belt in Shotokan karate, and a 3rd degree black belt in Ryukyu kempo. Once every year Dexter gets to go train with the Grand Master of Ryukyu Kempo Karate (Dexter and Fermin Rodriguez would make a good couple with some interesting fights). Little Dexter married a little redhead soldier and was stationed in Japan and Germany. But now he is back I Del Rio, Texas (no sure of their military statuses). He and his wife love to travel. Daughter, Shanda is married and doing well.
3.Ginger and Tom Anderson, Maintenance Dept., He is sporting a white beard that makes him look like a character from an Ernest Hemingway novel. Ginger continues to do the art stuff and she has become quite good! Tom is keeping busy with the house, boating, gourmet cooking, his computer, and honey do stuff. He, Chuck Baxter, and Luther Edwards often meet for lunch. Luther always lose the coin flip and has to pay for the meal (they always use Tom’s coin). Tom has a new boat and it is a beauty. In fact, he changes boats like some folks change underwear. Maybe the lunch money that he saves, paid for it. Daughter, Jennifer is married to Jason Stec and working at the Institute of Art in Chicago, but how would you like Tom for a father in law? Poor Jason! See the wedding pictures on Facebook. Jennifer and Jason came for Christmas. The great news is that she is pregnant! No, Jack not Ginger, we are talking about Jennifer!! Dem man seh that Tom, Chuck Baxter and Luther Edwards are planning to sail to Barbuda to inspect the island for tall women. All from a professional construction point of view (they should have made that trip 40 years ago).
4.Harold Solty, Maintenance Dept., is retired. He lives just outside of Atlanta. His son, Ed, lives in the same area and is working for Coca-Cola as a System Administrator.
5.Telbert Martin, Maintenance Dept., is now retired and living in Jacksonville, Florida. He is working part time using his carpentry skills to keep busy. We are told that he still looks like Mr. Universe.
6.David Brown, Maintenance Dept., is no longer doing the refining stuff. He and his wife Ann live in Aruba where he was Managing Director for Tierra del Sol Real Estate. David has seen Rod & Barb Allred. Rod worked in Turnarounds and Barb was a teacher at Good Hope. 
7.Luis Ras, Maintenance Dept, and his family are well. Luis is living in Aruba with his daughter, Jenny. His entire family at some time worked for the St. Croix refinery. Luis Jr. is still working in Operations. See their group photo in Album 2 of this website.
8.Carmen Aponte, Secretary for Tom Anderson, still lives on St. Croix and she is a Manager at the Wiesner Development Company. Her daughter made the President's List at Grand Canyon University.
9.Jack Mitchell (Electrical) said that the first half of 2011 went well, allowing he and his wife, Ramona to enjoy the HESS Reunion in Houston, but shortly after their return on June 22nd it became obvious that some problem existed in Ramona's abdomen. The CAT scans and MRI's identified the problem as Ovarian Cancer. She underwent a massive surgery on Sept.12th, lasting 4-1/2 hours, and stage 3 cancer was confirmed. She began Chemotherapy on Oct. 19, and thank God she is showing remarkable recovery. We trust that The ALMIGHTY will see fit to bring her all the way back, and allow them to continue volunteer work at The Benevolence Center of First Baptist Church in Leesburg, Fl. They find it a Joy to work there.
10.Simpson Desbonnes, Instrumentation Dept., is well and living on St. Croix doing the IT stuff. Simpson (guitarist) and his wife, Jackie (singer) can often be seen performing around the island. They are a beautiful combination.
11.Diana Delgado, Secretary Turnaround. Dept. is well and living in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.
12. Arnold Helenese, Maintenance Dept. still operates a men’s clothing store in Sunny Isle. He can often be seen on TV, and at many funerals preaching the gospel. He performs almost every funeral at St. Ann’s Church, and he is really good! I cannot believe that this is the man who worked in central files and print room. His wife, Eastlyn, has retired and they both look very happy.
13.Sam Wiltshire, Maintenance Supervisor visited St. Croix for 4 months doing the grandfather thing. He is a Jehovah's Witnesses, so he spends a lot of time going door-to-door talking about God's Kingdom. Whatever time he has left is split between repairing desktop computers for his friends for free and attending Karaoke Parties.
14.Theresa and James Carter, Projects, are well, playing lots of golf when the weather permits and living in the Houston area. They were at last year’s reunion. 
15.Linda and Chuck Baxter, Contracts and Projects respectively, are well and looking great. Linda stays busy with the home and being a Monday morning quarter back for baseball teams (we think that she is a Yankee fan). We are told that she did go on stage again. Linda still works for HOVENSA, but Chuck has gone on to better things, doing construction around the island. It must have been a great loss for HOVENSA to lose this outstanding supervisor. He is no longer involved with fireworks, and most of us know why. Chuck surprised Linda by having a family reunion at Disney Land. We are told that she cried as if the Yankees had lost. Chuck continues to meet Tom Anderson and Luther Edwards for lunch as well as the Thursday nights out with the boys… and sometimes Fridays too.
16.Kaye and Danny Hales, Maintenance Dept., are living in Portland Texas and working as General Manager for Car Ber Testing. He will retire soon and play between Corpus Christi and Lampasas, TX. Kaye inherited property that has been in her family for over 113 years. After renovating the 1875 house on the property, they have started building a small hunting cabin above the waterfalls on Mesquite Creek that runs through their property. Their son, Troy works for Valero Refining in Corpus Christi, TX, and he has three children. His eldest     T. J. Hales is at Baylor University in Waco, TX Law School. Next in line is Cassidy age 13 and Hailey age 9. First thing Danny and Kaye will do upon retirement is to sail first to Puerto Rico (where they lived for 5 yrs.) then onto St. Croix. Just island hop for about 2 years. Here is the sad news, Roger Ayers and Jim Hubenak both in HR, Phil Franklin and Red Khums have passed away. PS, Danny writes that he started working for Hess Refining, Corpus Christi, TX. as a draftsman then transferred to St. Croix after Hurricane Celia destroyed the small refinery at Corpus in August 3, 1970. He worked for Bill Ray in maintenance then Harold Murphree (deceased). He received an old Volkswagen Bug from Harold Solty and had to roll it down the main road into the plant to get it started each time. There was never a day that that passed without excitement, e.g. the Jet fuel tank explosion, dock lines fires, sulphur plant fires, the 70’s strike and of course the Fountain Valley Golf Course Massacre. The five killers walked right pass Danny’s home in Queens Quarters??? This is quite a ways from Fount. Valley. Should this be Carambola??? on their way to Fountain Valley. On and On, Danny said that the workers worked hard and played hard. See his photo in the photo section of this website. 
17.Larry Phelps, Maint. Dept. retired in 2006 and is now living in Highland, Indiana along with his wife Rosa. Larry is on a job (BPWhiting) in Indiana. He is working on an upgrade project as a BP QA inspector for rotating equipment installation. In their spare time, they are busy keeping track of their 16 grandchildren.  
18.Rudy Simpson, Maint. Dept. relocated to Texas and he continues to work turnarounds. He is presently working in Ft. McMurray, Canada for a company called Westcorp Solutions (Turnaround Management) as a consultant (T/A Execution Manager).
19.Elizabeth and Mike Kysela (Maintenance Dept.), have retired and continues to live in Atlanta.
20.Steve Royer, Maintenance Dept., took a position with BP on the North Slope of Alaska. Besides occasional blizzards, and -46 degrees a couple of days a year, he says that it is nice. He work in Automation, Electrical, and Instrumentation Team Lead, and no longer in the project group. Steve left St. Croix the end of 2002 and went back home to California. He worked there for a couple of years for Jacobs, commuting across LA every day. He landed the job on the slope, and sold the house in CA, at the peak!!! Steve then moved to North Georgia, and into a beautiful big home, lots of land, and several horses including one that he calls his grandchild. Their little babies are now 20 and 21!!! WOW!!! See Steve’s photo in the photo album of this website.  
21.Bob and Margo Wesley (Biplane Bob), Maintenance Dept. bought a log home on Seymour Lake just west of Wasilla, Ak, but they still have their boat in Green Cay and visit the island every two or three months to keep up the maintenance on it. Bob is working in Prudhoe Bay for BP in the position of Overhaul Team Leader.
22.George and Emilia (Millie) Richard (Maintenance Dept, Tech Service Dept., Construction Dept., Fire Chief, etc.) continue to enjoy their retirement in Corpus Christi, Texas. George as an Accredited Cruise Counselor by CLIA (Cruise Industry Travel Agency) and a part time independent travel agent. George and Emilia cruise several times a year. In November, George and Emilia took their two sons Jason and GeorgeJr and their family on a cruise to Roatan, Honduras, Belize and Cozumel, México. They recently celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary. They were both working for HOVIC where they met and married. George maintains contact with Bill Braithwaite (Maintenance - Inspection), William Foster (Maintenance – Welding Shop), Gilbert Cijntje (Power House), Oscar Gomez (Power House), Herbert Maxwell (Power House), Sylvester Marlin (Operations - Utilities I), Ralph Stoute (Maintenance - Machine Shop), and Cedric Charles (Operations). Emilia recently spoke with Nova Trout (wife of Robert Trout, Human Resources). Maybe George should hand out the pension checks.
23.Pete and Delores Kokinda (Machine Shop) continue to live in Atlanta. He is not interested in more consulting. Delores and Pete are doing more traveling, and playing golf. Pete continues to have the energy of 9 teenagers put together. They still have the condominium at Questa Verde. Pete still cannot get enough dancing even in Aruba. Their son, Kenny, is with the DEA, and is stationed in Puerto Rico. We understand that Kenny is a supervising agent. Daughter, Debbie Kokinda Majors is married with 3 children, and living in Snellville, GA. Debbie also became a GRANDMOTHER! We cannot believe that her oldest is 25. Daughter Karen Lyons and her husband Wiley are living in the Atlanta area. See the Kokinda’s photo album section of this website.
24.Herbert Alderson, Machine Shop, is well and living between St. Croix and Oregon. He is enjoying his retirement and can often be seen riding his motorcycle around the island. His biggest project is building a boat.  
25.Bill VanWinkle left St. Croix on 1/6/98 for a Turnaround Manager position at the Koch Refining site in St Paul Minn. He held that position for 3 years then had an opportunity to transfer to Corpus Christi as Turnaround Manger over the Flint Hills Resources sites. He held that position for 3 years, then left to get back home to Houston in 2004 joining AP-Networks with Turnaround Consulting. Having found consulting less than rewarding he joined The Turnaround Management Company (in Houston) fifteen months later. He held the position of VP of Operations with an ownership interest for three years. He then joined Shell Oil US three years ago as the US Gulf Coast TA Event Manager for FCCU Turnarounds and Projects. On the family front there have been some tragic and trying life events. He lost Billy 8/10/99 at age 23; he and Gail divorced. On the positive side Erika got married in 1/2004 and has given him a wonderful granddaughter MaKenzie who is now 7 and a new grandson Kolten 2 years old. 
26.Stan and Glenda Cates are living in Angleton, Texas. He just celebrated his 75 birthday, and is still spear fishing. Stan returned to work for Dow Chemical through Kelly Services. Stan says that he is too young to retire. Visit his photos in the album section of this website. We understand that Stan has a motorcycle that he rode from Creede, Co. to Oregon and then down highway 101 almost to San Francisco before he laid it down on a steep incline. No, Glenda did not ride, but like the good wife that she is, she followed him with the trailer, and a large bottle of Geritol. They also keep busy with the grand children, Kim’s 6 - Juliana 9, Nathan 6, and Gabriel 4, and 8-year-old Trinity. When they are not fishing and diving off their 23’ Sea Craft boat, they are fishing for Reds using their kayaks. You can Google Stan for his Pearl Harbor story and a brief history of spear fishing…We are jealous!  
27.George W. Grider, Maintenance Engineer, died after a long illness.
28.Bill and Kathy Noland (SCPC Maintenance) after they left St. Croix, Bill went to work for Air Products and Chemicals, in Calvert City, KY. Bill retired from there in 2000. Kathy and Bill started doing volunteer work at Lourdes Hospital in Paducah. Bill still plays golf, helps around the house, doing the yard work, and caring for a paraplegic neighbor. When possible they ride their BMW Motorcycle that Kathy bought for Bill’s 70th birthday, but the 71st birthday earned him a set a golf clubs (We still expect him to get a set of skis for his 80th birthday). Son, Jay Moore is teaching school in Keene, TX, his wife Deb teaches Special Ed. Daughters Katy and Jenny are both in college, and Kelly Moore White lives in Baytown, TX, works for Hallmark, her husband Mike is a police officer. See their photos in the album section.
29.Lindel Williams, Maint. Dept., is working in San Antonio, TX with the US Corp of Engineering as a Lieutenant colonel, and will be retiring soon. He has started a consulting firm in Vero Beach, Fl. with hopes of expanding to the V.I.
30.Tom and Mary Nowak, Maintenance Department, want to return to St. Croix for a vacation in the near future. Children Alexei, now 32, and Allison, now 28, are doing well. Tom left HOVIC for Texaco in So. Calif. He now works for John Crane. He is the western regional engineer and, therefore, troubleshoots where ever they've installed seals, including Hawaii! After teaching a number of years in physical education, Mary taught middle school science, retiring in June of '09.
31.Richard Bailes, Insulation and Scaffolding, is retired and living in Angleton, Texas where most of his family is located. He misses St. Croix and all the people he worked with at HOVIC. His older son Richard is married, has a son, and lives in West Columbia, Texas. Daughter, Leah is married with two daughters and lives in Austin, Texas. Her twin, Titus is following Dad’s footsteps as a Division Manager of insulation and scaffolding company located in Puerto Rico. The children’s mother, Phyllis is well and lives in Freeport, Texas. See the photo album in this website.
32.Lynette and Victor Clairmont, Electrical Maintenance, is living on St. Croix. Victor turned 85, May 26th, 2011, and he looks younger than Jack does. He is no longer playing tennis, but his focus is on being another Tiger Woods. Lynette is still running her Health Food Business. Their two adult children are gainfully employed. Sherwin is a Material Analyst in HOVENSA warehouse, and Giselle is a registered nurse at a Florida hospital. Sherwin is married and has three children. 
33.Maxine and Ira Bowry, Electrical Dept., are well. They have the sweetest 4 year old daughter who made a great decision to pick Luther for her godfather. Ira is the Manager of the St. Croix Power Plant. He loves his job.  
34.Lloyd Rennie, Electrical Dept., is well and living in Lutz, Florida. I am not sure if he is still doing the music and electrical stuff. Lloyd still communicates with Stanley Cates.
35.Bruce Torgerson, Maint. Dept. is retired and living in Bakersfield, CA. Wife of 47 years, Louise, died of cancer. Bruce has remarried to Beverly. Daughter, Annette married Regional Manager for Macys. Son, Rod married and he lives in Lebanon, Oregon.
36.Joe Hobson, Heavy Equipment Operator for Fisher Hess, is alive, and was seen in St. Lucia. His former supervisor, Ben Ford died in 2011.
37.Andy Yuhas, Maintenance Electrical has a son by the same name working in Saudi Aramco (Loss Prevention Engineer) at Udhailiyah. To be truthful, Pops look younger. Mother Yuhas just celebrated her 77th birthday.
38.Bo Newsome, Maintenance Dept., live outside of Atlantic City. June 19th of 2011, Bo celebrated his 91th birthday. Bo is not playing much golf due to shoulder problems. He occasionally sees Tony Borowski, Purchasing, and Warehousing, who live in the Jersey area. Bo’s son, Jimmy was managing Questa Verde Condominium, but now he is selling roofing products. Jimmy still looks older than Bo. Jimmy has never married nor has any children (that he owns up to). Jimmy’s sister is married to a local doctor.
39.Stu Lewis, Owner of IMC, has turned the STX operation over to his son, little Stu. Stu Senior still looks like he is the boss when he is not chasing that little white ball around the links. I understand that Stu travels a lot, trying to determine which of his houses that he wants to visit.  
40.Don and Chris Wnorowski (Powerhouse Maintenance), continue to live in upstate N.Y. in a small village called Erieville about 35 miles southeast of Syracuse, in a small cozy house on Tuscarora Lake. Don has some health issues and we are trying to get an update. Don and Chris are the proud grandparents of 12 children.
41.Blesston Wright, Maintenance Dept., after a short career with Jiffy Lube, and a tour in Saudi Arabia with Aramco, he has decided to settle down in Kendall, Florida teaching aeronautical engineering (the Lord works in mysterious ways).
42.Elford Christmas, Turnaround Dept., has retired with frequent visits to St. Croix. He now lives in his native home of Dominica. I saw him recently and he looked like the first day I met him, with that friendly smile. He could come back and work night shift for another 25 years.
43.Doug Strickland, Maintenance Dept. continues to visit the big island, but with no plans to assist with turnarounds. He does not drink these days and he sure looks great. He spends his time between NC, FL and without doubt, Santo Domingo, and I envy him. Jack, we must go to Santo Domingo with Doug for the last lap!
44.Liz and Charlie Mitchell, Maintenance Dept., continues to work as a consultant in the Turnaround Dept. when needed. They had a wonderful time at the Hess Reunion and are looking forward to the next one. It was so nice to see so many of our friends that they had not seen in such a long time. Since the first of the year, Liz has been ill and will have surgery done at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in the next few weeks. They did get to have Thanksgiving in Georgia with family. The grandchildren keep growing in size and numbers. Other folks living near the Mitchells are Gary McConaughey (Accounting Dept.) who lives in Spring Tx., and attends the same Church, Penny and Glenn Hensley (Administration and Maint. Dept.) live in the Humble area about 30 minutes away; Jeff Keel and his family live in the Woodlands area about 20 minutes from the Mitchells. Jeff is still with Hess in the Houston office. Carla Reeves (HR) also lives in the Woodlands and still works for Hess. Kent Yarborough (MIS) and his family live in Fort Worth, TX. He works for the City of Fort Worth in their MIS group. Also in that area is Ken Smith (Safety Dept.) and his family who live in Plano, TX just outside of Fort Worth.  

K.Marine Department and Terminal Departments

1.John and Laverne Frederick (Marine Dept.) Verne's continued to be plagued with heart issues – but is still walking, hiking and hopes to get back on the bike soon. January (2011) was spent in Texas then back “home” to St. Croix for several weeks in February. They were extremely busy and joyful sailing the “Lady Megerin” again – they even got to the BVI's for a while. John and Verne snorkeled, scuba dived (John), enjoyed the island life that they had grown accustomed to for so many years. But mostly they had fun with, and enjoyed the love and camaraderie of old friends. Happily, son Bruce came down during his March break from his PhD studies at the Univ. of Texas. Summer was spent in Maine, Verne's “happy place”, with relatives visiting and a visit from Judith Wood (wife of deceased John Wood, from “hot” South Carolina). They explored more of Maine's coast including the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. After his “yearly” trip to Montana, John returned with delicious smoked trout. He'd helped Van Wood get the “green ghost” running too. John and Verne flew to Paris where they met up with the “Crucian” Woods, Van and Kitsy Wood. Then they headed to the Bordeaux region for a bicycle trip. The countryside was gorgeous – vineyards and fields of sunflowers. The wine, the food, and the people were super. The bike trip was rated “easy” but …. Later they spent a couple of more leisurely weeks exploring Provence – outstanding wine, lavender, and olive oil!!! Then back in Maine in October, where they were happy to have children Paige and Brian visit. Late in November the Frederick’s headed back to Texas – their yearly drive south with the birds!!! Bruce won't return until mid December. He's in Antarctica doing research in geophysics. On his way home, he will take time to explore New Zealand.
2.Roger Bickham, was the first Terminal Manager for the St. Croix Refinery until 1973 or '74. He is well and he attendant the reunion held in Houston. While in Corpus, Roger was called by Leon to run the Terminal in Purvis where he finally retired, and still lives there. He hasn't shaved or cut his hair since he retired, which was quite some time ago. You will see some reunion pictures- Roger's hair and beard is all white and he looks like he's some kind of mountain man. 
3.Margarita Rebaldo widow of Anacleto Rebaldo of the Marine Dept. has been seen by Frank and Gemma Martin who speak to her several times a year. She lives just outside of Houston. Her son Paul lives with her. Margarita does not use the computer so it is not possible to reach her by email. She is doing well. She also keeps in contact with Ralph and Tita Lodrigueza. 
4.Carolyn and Joe Stropole, Marine Dept. have a home on St. Croix on a large plot overlooking the Frederiksted Pier. Joe decided to leave HOVENSA and go back to sea duty where he is doing well. He is as being a Marine Engineer Consultant to various marine interests. Carolyn flies from port to port just to keep and eye on Joe.  
5.Captain Ehrling Carlsen (Marine Dept.) and his wife, Maggie are doing well. They recently celebrated their 62th anniversary! Captain Carlsen is busy with the Sacramento school district’s maritime curriculum. Maggie has taken up golfing in addition to her tennis, and she loves it. 
6.Lenore Finch, Marine Dept. is retired and seems to be having a ball. Last year she made two trips to Maryland to baby sit her grandchildren and had to drive on the “right”! She busies herself planting and maintaining the garden Sacred Heart Chapel. She had to give up Holy Cross as she could not find anyone to help her. .She also volunteers with Interfaith Coalition, where she deals with Alzheimer, and shut-in clients. She also attends porcelain painting classes, and has produced several beautiful pieces, all of which she gives away to her children, very close friends and donates to charities for auction or sale. She still hosts the Thanksgiving luncheon for the less fortunate, this year sering over 700 meals. Son Mark received his B.S degree and he is employed with the VI Port Authority. He has 2 fast growing sons. Mark designed a facility for the Queen Louise Home to house their most fragile children. Older daughter Faye Allison is now living in California, and her son is graduated from Maryland University. Younger daughter Jennifer is an Education Program Specialist for the federal government. She is married and has 2 beautiful children.  
7.Nils Nelson, Marine Department, and his wife Berit live in Daytona, Florida. Both are doing well.
8.Janet and Truman Hagbloom (Marine Dept.) have built a retirement home in Mackinac, Michigan, just outside the town of Lanse. They have been very busy putting on the finishing touches to the house and doing volunteer work. Both daughters are doing well. One is even in the marine business. Truman retired in April.  
9.Jacinth Romney, secretary Marine Dept. is well, married, and teaching in Atlanta.
10.Peter Brown, Marine Dept and Security Dept..even with the curly hair he is not related to Clarence Brown… retired after 37 years. He is well and continues to live on St. Croix. He and his partner, Charlotte Bodurow, are involved with numerous local activities, from the St. Croix Archaeology Society, to the St. Croix Environmental Association and the Landmarks Society. Peter and Charlotte enjoy sailing, music, art, photography, scuba, triathlons, tennis and hiking. They are also involved with the Junior Achievement Organization, volunteering at schools to help teach young people life skills and financial literacy. We are told that they are purchasing a new island home in the Judith’s Fancy area. Flash…Just got word that he is working again in the Marine Dept.
11.Adrian and Maureen Bull, Marine Dept., are enjoying their retirement and grand kids. Adrian does volunteer work at the maritime museum as a researcher for the library, and Maureen volunteers in the gift shop. Maureen is still very active with her quilting. December 29 Adrian and Maureen celebrated 51 years of marriage. Son, Donald, is doing great. He lives in High Bridge. NJ, while working at Hess in Woodbridge in Corporate Environmental. Donald’s wife, Chris stays home with the kids and manages the brood. The kids (Jonathan and Zachary, 11 and 10, respectively) are doing very well in school. The Bulls continue to maintain their close friendship with Al and Ineke Hoo (VP of Quality Controls) who lives in North Carolina. 
12.Chuck Amalu, Terminal and T.S. Departments, is well and has settled in Conyers GA.
13.Don Stevens, Marine Agency continues to live in Albuquerque, N.M. with his wife and son. Don maintains his dialysis schedule-3 times per week and adjusted to living in N.M. Don misses STX very much, and often asks about everyone that he knows on the island. He and wife Ellie enjoy the many opportunities N.M. offers for classical music enrichment. I am told that they look well.
14.Alexis Denis, Marine Dept. is recovering from a stroke suffered last year. He is doing well.
15.After many years piloting at HOVENSA, Ivan Guzman relocated to Panama to work with Petro Terminal of Panama, a storage facility similar to that in St. Lucia. The Panama Canal is where the first two pilots at HOVIC, Harry Bentsen and Earl Sayre, came from. Ivan has been replaced by Rudel Harvey, former Tug Captain. ‘Bout time, Rudy!!!
16.Clarence Michael, Deckhand, can be seen at local supermarkets shopping the “specials”. He always know where to get the best deals. He often to Texas to spend long periods with is son. Mikey looks the same as the day he retired….geesam bread some people never age!

L.MIS Department

1.Yes, John and Sharon Karr, MIS recently purchased a house in the Ocala Florida area. John is still smoking, and making frequent trips to the casino. I hope that Sharon has hidden the deed to the house.
2.Carlos Sterling, MIS, continues to enjoy his retirement on St. Croix. He looks great and is still upbeat. He loves eating Angie’s food at Villa Morales. 
3.Wendy and Wayne Peterkin, MIS are well and still living in Evangeline, LA. Wayne encourages us to contact him at (337) 824-3345 (home) and (337) 258-4472 (cell). They retired from Hess in early 2002. Their sons are also well.  Sean is living in Conroe, TX (north of Houston) and started his own business, Shannon is the Radiological Engineering Manager at the Hope Creek Nuclear Power Station (he lives in Pilesgrove, NJ), and Shelly went back to school and has finished his Physics degree. Wayne and Wendy have 5 grandchildren and spend a lot of time on the road (roughly 30,000 miles per year) chasing after those grandchildren! Wayne says that Danny and Kay Hales (Maintenance Dept.) live in Portland, TX and are doing fine. Wayne bought back memories when he mentioned Ed Webb (a.k.a. E.J. Webb). Ed was in Operations. His wife Caroline died of cancer back in the early 1980s. Ed was working in Jasper, AL at the time as manager of an asphalt plant. They had two boys, Butch and Freddie. Other names included Jack Moreland (MIS) who passed away from lung cancer at age 62 in Oklahoma in the late 1990s. His wife’s name was Caroline and he had two boys, Johnny and Tommy. Some other old names from MIS include Connie Murad (her maiden name was Shane and she married Mike Murad in Engineering who was killed in a car wreck years later), Arnold GroskopfBob HillAllen TrefryWalter CurdRichard Manno (at least 10 kids and counting), and Ann Thomas who is well and living on St. Croix. We really enjoyed Wayne’s recollections!
4.Murali Alagudu, MIS, St. Croix and Hess Alexandria, VA, after resigning from HOVENSA and spending almost 2 years in Bangalore, he returned to St. Croix in search of a new beginning. Fortunately, the same old job at Hovensa MIS department opened up in time so Murali returned to his old job. Everyone is happy about his return to the rock. Murali also started catering authentic Indian cuisine in his spare time on the island (Jack, when we worked there was no spare time). Also, he conducts cooking classes on the island to raise money for non-profit organizations (Tom Anderson will love this).
5.Mike, and Virginia Johnson, MIS, continue to live on St. Croix. Virginia has retired after a long refinery career. Good luck Virginia, you will always be our pinup girl!
6.Mona Bastian, MIS, is enjoying her retirement on St. Croix. She is known for her various spices and preserves that I strongly recommend. Yes, she still has that friendly smile.
7.Albert and Keren Gray, MIS Dept., are well and we believe are living in Puerto Rico.
8.Stephanie and Bill Corder, MIS Dept., now lives in Decatur, Georgia. I believe that Bill is destined to return to St. Croix…he is a real island man and a friend to everyone. Bill is presently working for SITA doing IT work for the airline industry, though he hasn’t ruled out going back into Oil/Gas. Stephanie is pursuing her art, teaching kids art on a weekly basis, plus doing commissioned works.  
The kids are getting older, Caroline is a senior in high school, Emmie is a sophomore, and Garrett is in the 7th grade. All of the kids a third generation at in the Decatur School system and actually have some of the same teachers Stephanie had in school. Caroline is looking at University of Georgia and Georgia State for college. 
9.Phil Brougham, who managed MIS in Woodbridge, St. Croix, Purvis, and Port Reading until retiring in 1999, is well and living in Naples Florida.

M.Operations and Powerhouse Departments

1.Karen and Peter Barbra, Vice President of Operations now retired. Pete enjoys spending time hunting, camping, and exploring wilderness by horseback on his property in Polson Montana. He is a real life cowboy. Over the last 6 years, he was HOVENSA’s main negotiator between HOVENSA and EPA DOJ (department of Justice) during the nationwide initiative call PRI (Petroleum Refinery Initiative) Consent Decree. This federal initiated program (PRI) was designed to work with all main land refiners to improve air quality nationwide. Pete has become the owner of an Airedale dog that he has personally trained (like process operators). He has received number of job offers since he left HOVENSA but has decided to enjoy his family and nature. From reading the newspapers, the refinery can use his help!
2.Dorine and Chuck Losasso, Operations, lives in Virginia, but Chuck spent lots of time in Kuwait on a Parex Complex Startup - Similar facility as St. Croix Petrochemical but with a Platforming Unit (CCR). You must see Chuck with all gray hair in the photo section of this website and on Facebook. 
3.Denise and Len Edwards, Operations Dept., live in Ocala, Fl. They continue to be world travelers. He says that a leisurely vacation is great therapy for the soul (but what about SCPC). Len also started an internet newsletter that was published from St. Vincent and the Grenadines for 4½ years. It deals with international events and projections, along with elderly health issues and internet usage tips. Also, Len learned how to repair small engines and to be a gourmet chef.
4.Helen and John Clark, Powerhouse, are well and living in Ocala, Florida. Lots of Oldhessfriends in Ocala. It must be something about the horses.
5.Hugh and Bernadette Sanchez (Operations and Design Engineering) are retired, living on St. Croix, and they have had a wonderful year traveling and enjoying the achievements of their children. Hugh is very active with the Lions Club. Their son, Alex is a designer and he took the nation on a walk thru of his project "The Catalyst"- a modern townhouse renovation in Washington, DC. He highlighted new innovative building materials and showed how to maximize space and aesthetic appeal without blowing the budget. St. Croix went wild over its native son. He also provided the design decorating Whim Great House for Christmas.  Daughter, Elisa who is an engineer with the St. Croix power company, is married and is doing well. See their pics in Album 2.
6.Mike McKee, Operations Dept., is well, but nothing can be said better than the statement that Mike put on Facebook: Had to go to Dallas today for media training seminar. Got videotaped as part of exercise being interviewed by a reporter during a "mock crisis" at the refinery. Video played to class as part of critique. Kept thinking, "When did I get a bald spot? My ear hairs are longer than the hair on my head.....gotta shave my eye brows." See a picture of Mike in Album 2.
7.Mirka and Joel Stephens, Operations Dept, are still working in Port Neches, Texas with Valero. Last year Joel celebrated his 50th birthday…Medicare is not far off. The biggest change is that Joel is a dedicated jogger and bike rider who was motivated to participate in the Ride the Rockies bike ride in 2013. The two oldest girls are college sophomores and the younger ones are high school seniors. They continue to correspond with Mike Zehender, Eric Hutchins and Humberto Diaz.
8.Awilda Rivas Fernandez and Orlando Perez (OP), Operations are healthy and happy. They live in Puerto Rico with frequent trips to San Antonio to visit son, Carlitos and grandson.  
9.Thom Grace, Operations Dept., said that the past year was spent settling in Shelburne, ON (90 km northwest of Toronto). He was married in April, had both knees replaced in May/June and is recovering nicely (from both?). He did make two trips to Texas to visit with his daughters and grand kids. He is looking forward to returning to the tennis court in the Spring. He says that he is getting restless after 41 years of 'intense' refinery operations, and now after a couple of years off, he is looking to do a little consulting in 'leadership coaching' or possibly some technical work. While he miss the Sea, Sun and Sand I am really enjoying the four changes of the seasons after almost 30 years of Summer, Summer, Hurricane, and Summer seasons. 
10.Kevin Howard, Powerhouse is retired and well. He continues to live on St. Croix.
11.John Woodson, Powerhouse is well and is working for Virgin Island Water and Power in St. Thomas.
12.Louisa and Eddie Merced, Operations and Training Dept., are well. Eddie continues working in the HOVENSA’s Training Dept. part time and he seem to be a happy grandfather. We cannot help seeing Eddie and thinking of Leroy Mitchell who passed a couple of years ago. Ilene Mitchell is well and continues to live on St. Croix.
13.Frank Croney (Area 3 Ops.) is retired and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He does lots of hunting and fishing. Frank did have some medical problems, but he is better now. His wife Veronica also keeps him busy with her church. She also runs 5 or 6 miles each day (for true!). Daughter, Suzette is a critical care nurse who has recovered from a long illness. Their son, Franklin is a mechanical engineer somewhere in Louisiana.  Other daughter Lisa continues to operate and own a auto parts store. See the photo album in website for recent pictures of Frank and Veronica.
14.Lisa and Ed Rios, T.S., Environment, and Operations Depts., and previously the manager for Western Energy’s Ciniza, New Mexico refinery, have returned to HOVENSA’s Operations Dept. I understand that he is high up the refinery food chain. I wonder if Lisa is still baking those great desserts.
15.Margret and George Sumter, Area 4 Operations, are enjoying retirement after working in the refinery as a contractor safety representative. However, we have just received word that George is now fully retired. Yes, he is still smiling and he celebrated his 80th birthday in April of 2011. 
16.Alphaeus Bolah, Operations Dept., is retired and living in Tampa Florida where he is taking dancing lessons and enjoying his grand children. Alpi just celebrated his 82th birthday.
17.Orlando Remak, Power House, is well and working with the Virgin Islands Power Company in St. Thomas, but his main residence is in Orlando, Florida.  
18.Jerome Cipriani, Operations Dept., is in Houston and working for Bechtel. He and his family are doing great. 
19.Gloria and Noel Euzebe, Area 2 Operations, are retired, in good health, and continues to live on St. Croix. 
20.John Bennett, Operations, has homes in Tobago and Philadelphia. He spends time in both places. Son, Steve is married and the president of a public relations company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 
21.Monique and Gene Thelemaque, Area 3 Operations, are well and still reside on St. Croix. Gene has been retired for 20 years with no regrets. He remains active with not only his stuff, but also Monique keeps him busy in her orchid garden. Monique is a local expert on orchids, who freely gives advice, and often even gives orchids away. She remains one of the backbones of the St. Croix Orchid Society.  
22.Winnifred and Mike Bachoo, Operations Dept., are enjoying his retirement and living in Douglasville, GA. We understand that Mike is still doing his poetry writing. We are waiting for mike to send us an update about his family, including many grandchildren.
23.Martha and Cliff Marshall, Operations Area I, have retired to a home that they built in Trinidad. They also maintain their home on St. Croix. Maybe now Cliff can be a full time carnival man. Maybe he will resurrect the Sundancers Troup with LutherFlashFranklinMarthaCareelGusMaeTonyGloriaTall WaistBerniceChiwawa, and other present AARP members. Cliff’s children live on St. Croix. The son is a police officer, one daughter is a nurse, and the other is a Psychologist...well done Martha.
24.Clifford Shillingford, Operations Area 1, has retired and his wife Careel continues to manage Budget Rental Car. Clifford is cooking (non- stop) and will soon start off his soup specials like kallaloo (seafood/pork etc), conch soup, red beans soup, lentils soup, man soup and soup extravaganza. Son, Kita still lives in Orlando and is Chief Engineer of his department at Lockheed Martin. Son, Asim is a Process Operator (3nd year) at the HOVENSA Refinery, and Son, Jamal is now a 4th year medical student at Columbia University School of Doctors and Surgeons ($$$$). The fruit does not fall far from the tree!
25.Sharon and Bob Arrendell, Operations Dept., are still living in Orlando, Florida. Bob and Sharon have been with Campus Crusade for Christ International for the past nine years; it is a large Christian Non-Profit Organization headquartered in Orlando Florida with about 1000 employees at the headquarters’ facility. Bob has made a complete career shift and is now working as a Project Manager and QA Analyst in the IT (Information Technology) department for the Organization. Sharon works in the Benefits Department as a Benefits Administrator for all Staff, primarily in Health Benefits. Oh, Bob did sell his pool table. See his photo in the album section of this site.
26.Mary Hancock passed in 2010 and husband Graydon Hancock passed away in December 2000. Son, Dennis Hancock is on St. Croix working in HOVENSA's IT department. His sister Dori Brassard who worked one summer in the Marine Dept. is well and living in Columbia, SC. She is married to Pete for 24 years; have two wonderful children - Jeremy (21) and Jessica (18) and a hairy, 4-legged daughter named Brandy.  
27.Larry Nyack, Power Generation, lives in Aruba and frequently visits the big island to see the grandchildren. He looks good, and I understand that he is in the car rental business with his mother.
28. Vernon Johnson, Shift Superintendent, is alive, remarried, and moved back to Trinidad! He and his wife look like two teenagers with gray hair. He still makes frequent visits to St. Croix.  
29.Diego Conde, Operations Dept., has retired and he is continuing his photography business on St. Croix.
30.Yassmin Rampersad, Sulfur Plants, is retired and continues to live on St. Croix.  
31.Jim Resinger, Operations Dept., has promoted to SVP Capital Projects and Purchasing working out of the Holly Frontier Corporate offices in Dallas, TX. He is in the process of relocating to Dallas. Holly purchased the facilities from Sunoco and Sinclair in 2009. He is very happy with his position. His Daughters are both doing very well and he is a proud dad.
32.Judy and Tony Bhola, Operations, are well. Tony is again working as a consultant in the Training Dept. He sold his house in Florida and moved back to St. Croix. Tony and his family continue to operate businesses on the island. Tony is in good health and is very busy spoiling his new grandchild. Daughter Lisa operates a ladies boutique in town, while her brother operates a dry cleaning business in Freegut and Princesse.
33.Irma Lake, Executive PA during the Hank Wright/Bob Alcock era and widow of Parker Lake, Powerhouse engineer, is well. Her two sons are Parker Jr. and Andre, both Alumni of University of Southern California. Parker Jr. is a financial editor in the banking business in London, UK with 3 daughters and Andre is a Chem. Engineer in patent procurement in Miami. Parker and Irma divorced
 some 20 years prior to his passing. After many years as a fashion designer and travelling the world Irma moved to London to be near the grandchildren. Irma is the founder and director of Fast Track English based in London (fasttrackenglish.co.uk). Her brother Bob Arrendell also worked for HOVIC. 
34.Chris Smith, Operations and Tech Services, is heading to Delaware to work for Nalco Corp.

N.Projects and Construction Departments

1.John Rubish, Construction Dept., is enjoying retirement and playing lots of golf. He and wife Diane live in Lakeland Florida. Their son, John Greg is married to an engineer and they both are doing well working for Exxon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They have one daughter. John’s daughter Kimberly married a cancer surgeon and they are living near Tampa about an hour and a half drive from John and Diane. Kimberly has two children, and she looks like she just graduated from high school. John occasionally hears from John Fisher, who is retired and living in Mississippi.  
2.Nancy and Mike Bowman, Construction Manager for HOVIC, after 32+ years with Fluor, have retired from Fluor and the E and C project management organization. His retirement "hobbies" did not developed at all. Therefore, he is planning to continue working, for his wife Nancy. The Bowman’s enjoy fresh water fishing, when time permits, and they still have the 16’ aluminum bass boat he bought while living in Greenville. Nancy has been a full-time nanny for their two granddaughters for the last 14 years. Their daughter Michelle and son Brent attended Good Hope while in St Croix. Michelle has two daughters, Mackenzie, 15, and Morgan, 13. Brent has two sons, Cameron, 9, and Christian, 5. See their photo album shown in this website.
3.Rudy Perrotte, Construction Dept. is still living in Aruba. He has remarried, and he still keeps in touch with Joe Esposito who was the best man at his wedding. Rudy rental car and car parts businesses are doing well for the past 21 years, and he still finds time for dancing. Rudy plays in a band and he is active with the Kiwanis Club. His mother Anna is well at 87 years and living with Rudy, and still going to Bingo and playing the slot machine in the casino. Rudy recently stop on St. Croix while cursing the Caribbean.
4. Minerva and Ben Nazario, Construction Dept. both retired from the V.I. Government, and have moved to Florida where they plan to become Crucian snowbirds. I am still waiting on those birds to return. With Ben’s commitment to community service, I know that he will continue to be very busy. Before leaving St. Croix, Ben stuck Luther Edwards with his volunteer position on the Executive Council of AARP.  
5.Tryphean Cornett, Secretary Construction Dept., after leaving the refinery in the mid 80’s went on to acquire a college degree and have a successful career as a teacher and administrator with the Virgin Island Education Dept. 
6.Jeff and Jill Mohr, Litwin Engineering frequently returns to the home that they own on St. Croix. Their frequent trips to St. Croix make them more than snowbirds. Jeff looks the same, and always with a big smile, as if he just won the grand prize. It must be nice! I hope that this year he gives us more information about the kids. I am sure that they are doing well. 
7. Jodi and Jack Ridgway, Projects, are well and happy living in the land of horses (Ocala, FL). Jodi continues to explore every opportunity to return to St. Croix, while Jack is slow to visit. Sons Bryan and Jake are doing well. Jake is married to Liz and living in Reston, VA. Bryan is single and has moved back to St. Croix. Jack and Jodi have been blessed with two grandchildren. We hope that the Ridgway’s will visit soon.

O.Purchasing, Warehouse, and Contracts Departments

1.Karen and Ben O'Bryan, V.P. Woodbridge Purchasing Dept., continue to split their time between Manasquan, NJ and Bonita Springs, Florida. They spend about eight months a year in Florida, playing golf and running fund raisers for charity Guadalupe Center of Immokalee, They have generated over $1.0 million for them over the last eight years. Last July, Ben celebrated his 74th birthday. They are both well and enjoying retirement. Their daughter, Erin lives in N.J. and is a very successful young woman. Hank Wright and wife Valerie, Jack and Karen Duggan got together last winter for some good food and memories.  
2.Malcolm Evans, Warehouse Materials, is retired and living on St. Croix. He still has a great voice and sings at many events. He is also active with his church, and a social group called The Gentlemen of Jones.  
3.John West, Purchasing Dept., is well at the age of 65 and doing land development in Matagorda, Texas. John worked in St. Croix from '68 to'73, as a Concrete Expediter, Warehouse Mgr., Buyer and later transferred to Woodbridge-'73-'75. He often got into trouble and was called into Hank Wright office’s office for misbehaving. The results were heavy doses of Hank’s verbal medication. Yet, John writes “What a great time and he is still misbehaving.”
4.Lee and Frank Kelemen, Purchasing Dept., are retired and living in Louisiana, and they are doing well. Frank looks the same, but with much less hair. Son, Keith is managing a large warehouse facility for a swimming pool company. Daughter, Danette is the owner of a successful bakery and gift shop. Danette had her second daughter, so that makes 4 grandchildren for Frank to teach how to dive for lobsters. Let us hope that he does a better job than he did teaching Luther. However, I am sure that those kids are keeping Lee and Frank very busy.
5.Len Nemiroff, Woodbridge Purchasing, retired from the Colonial Hardware Corp., a company that does business with HOVENSA. Len still consults with the refinery and he enjoys the challenges that they give him. Len and wife, Linda, have 4 grandchildren. Linda is planning to retire in 2012 from AAA. Linda and Len will be leaving for Sydney Australia in 2012 and a couple of cruises through the South Pacific in SE Asia and ending in Singapore. They are planning a couple of 2-3 week cruises through the south Pacific into SE Asia and ending in Singapore. In addition they plan to spend the winter months in Buenas Aires. Len is planning to grow a ponytail so he can learn the tango..so he says! Len continues to communicate with Jim Nevius, Woodbridge Purchasing Expeditor, who is in good health. He also had lunch with Tom Werely (Warehouse) and wife Bonnie (Medical). Tom and Bonnie are retired and living in Ft Myers, Fl and they bought an RV home. 
6.Earl Bothe (Warehouse) is enjoying retirement in Metairie, La., while playing tennis 3-4 times a week. He is president/treasurer of his townhouse association. Wife, Andree plays tennis and croquet, and even loves to travel to croquet tournaments. Son, Chris (Good Hope) is Lab Manager for SGS with a daughter, Alexandra (age 14). Stephanie (Country Day) has 2 boys and 1 girl...older son just graduated from college, other son a senior in college, daughter is now a freshmen in college. They live in Reisterstown, Md. Husband Neil Bixler is a lawyer. He also lived on St. Croix...Jeanne (Good Hope) lives in Broussard, La. and has 1 boy 14 and daughter 8. Her husband owns his own company – ProCor Chemicals. David (Country Day) lives in Lafayette, La. and is Manager of Chili's in Carencro, La.  
7.Myron Sewer, Buyer, is still living on St. Croix. He survived two lovely wives, but he now suffers with Alzheimer. 
8.Yolanda and Albert Bryan Jr,  BothhWarehouse, are well.  Albert has successfully completed 5 years as Commissioner of Labor for the Government of the Virgin Islands and it looks like he will make another 3. Keep your eyes on this young man; the next stop is Government House.
9.Malcolm and Kathy Francis, Purchasing Dept. has retired after 42 years in the pit. She started her career when I was 3 years old. She still looks very elegant and composed. I believe that she goes to the hairdresser every morning. Thank you Kathy for getting John Paulus and me out of many tight jams. She has now moved to Florida to be closer to better medical facilities. Kathy spends her time reading, gardening, and doing all the home projects that she never had time for when she was working. Life is good and we miss you Kathy!
10.Nancy Zurita, Warehouse, and husband, Dennis Dariah, Machine Shop, have moved to Lehigh, Florida. They are both retired and have built a lovely home, but they continue to visit and maintain a home on St. Croix. Nancy continues to communicate with Chuck Kroen, Operations Dept., and Tony Borowski, Warehouse. Chuck is doing fine and lives in a Petal Mississippi apartment complex alone, after the death of his second wife. The complex where he lives has a day care center, and he volunteers to read stories to the children. While Tony lives in NJ and is doing great, with two daughters who keep him in tow.
11.Steve Dicks, Purchasing Dept., is doing his thing with Large Capital Projects (if there are any). Steve continues to live in his condominium located at the “Pelican Cove” area, where Jimmy Webber, Maintenance Dept, who lost his bid for reelection to the VI Senate, used to operate his nightclub. Steve is a real island man with lots of gray hair…well maybe not lots.
12.Angelo Smith, Purchasing Buyer 1980 to 1996 wishes us well. After leaving HOVIC he returned to school in Florida, and earned a Degree in Science and Culinary Arts. He graduated Magna Cum Laude, and won the award for "Outstanding Culinary Achievement". He was the first African American to win this award at this school. After leaving school he moved to Texas. Where he enjoys an incredible career as a Chef and now an Executive Chef. Texas has been great for Angelo, and the future also looks grand. He also writes a daily page, called "a wish a day". 
He says that it is for positive direction, and attitude at the beginning of everyday, because life can come at you these days with such force and negative impact that, there is a need for the counter party of positive affirmation.
13.Jim Mc Reynolds, Warehouse, worked in the warehouse from 1972 - 1976. Retired from Shell 
  Oil and living in Gulf Breeze, FL near Pensacola Beach.
14.George Flores, Warehouse, is well and still living on St. Croix. He is one of the most well known community activists on the island. He is an advisor to the Governor. 
15. Tom Werely (Warehouse) and wife Bonnie (Medical) are retired and living in Ft Myers, Fl and they bought an RV home

P.Quality Control Department

1.David Sadler, QC Lab has retired after working in Saudi Arabia. We believe that his wife was a nurse at the same facility. The family is reported as doing well. Other lab retirees such as Kenneth Springer and Ivan Ellis are well and living on St. Croix. Ivan just completed building a nice retirement home on St. Croix. Last year Ken celebrated his 73nd birthday. He looks like a spring chicken, and has energy like Dan Dasher, Tech Services.  
2.Karen and Tom Zimmerman, QC Lab, are well. Daughters Katie and Laura have both came home to St. Croix for Christmas (see latest picture in Photo Album 2). Tom and Karen were very happy to see them. It was their first Christmas together in about 6 years. Katie survived her 18 hours of travels from Maui. She began a new job in at an upscale jewelry store in Lahaina, Passman Gallery, known for their beautiful black coral jewelry and sculptures. After only 8 months she was promoted to Assistant Manager and loves her new duties. “Life is good” in Maui! Laura was very fortunate to have found a job last year. She began work as a chemist with Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Laura spent 10 months training at GBI’s headquarters in Atlanta and then moved to her permanent location, Savannah. She, too, loves her job. That leaves us with Karen and Tom who are both doing very great. Karen continues working with Quilts of Valor Foundation providing well deserving veterans with quilts to show appreciation for their service. Tom is very happy observing all the crude and product samples passing through the lab (but is he stiffing the stuff?).  
3.Ken Brummett, QC Lab Manager in the 1970’s is now the CEO at Bio-Chem Industries, Inc. in the Tulsa. I wonder if ken is still flying around in the sky.
4.Floyd and Diane Sturdivant built a house just down the street from Bob Erhlich. Floyd works for Nustar. Floyd worked in the HOVIC Laboratory as Asst. Manager in the later 70’s and early 80’s, then Manager when Bob Ehrlich moved to the Terminal. Floyd then went to St. Eustatia after that and still works for that group, which has been acquired and sold many times. Floyd and Diane were responsible for Jan and Bob Ehrlich meeting. Jan came to STX to help Diane after a stateside surgery. They met and married 6 months later the rest is history. Funny, they all are still friends.  
5.Kristina and Guy Chandler, QC Lab, works for Husky Energy who bought out Valero in Lima Ohio. Kristina is now a personal banker at JPMorgan Chase. Their daughter Sabine plays soccer in spring, summer and fall, but she plays basketball during the winter months. Brian, having left after high school, is at school in Florida learning to be a culinary chef. Guy and Kristina did get to the Hess reunion and happily saw Bob BurkhalterPatrick JuarezMel DriverLuis GomezChuck AmaluWoody CummingsVictor Marrero, and many, many others … it was lots of fun. 
6.David and Cheryl Mahatoo, Lab, continue to live in Clermont, Florida, but they are always on the road. They often visit daughter Michelle and son-in-law Joey in Pennsylvania. Daughter, Greer and her husband Kim are married and raising a family (3 children) on St. Croix. We hear that David is still doing long distance running (not bad for someone who worked for the refinery 35 plus years… I did not want to say old). David is the only retiree that we know who has not lost any hair…it must be due to the lab fumes. 
7.Patrick Juarez, QC Lab, continues to live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2011, Patrick was the stand-in for Lou Diamond-Phillips on the A&E Television Pilot-"Longmire" which will be broadcast sometime in 2012. The network picked up the series and will be returning to New Mexico sometime in early 2012 to film 10 more episodes. He also will appear (if his scenes don't get cut!) as a member of the Press in the HBO Movie "Game Change" based on the 2008 John McCain/Sarah Palin campaign, and as a doctor on "Odd Thomas" based on the Dean Koontz novel of the same name. Both will be released in 2012. Patrick now has a page on the Internet Movie Data Base that can be found at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4309314. Between filming, he continues to train via acting lessons and workshops, recently completing his basic acting class this year, and plans to attend an Advanced Scene Study class early in 2012. The coming year promises to be a busy one for the film industry in New Mexico and he plans to get to as many casting calls as he can in pursuit of more and better roles. Patrick misses St. Croix and his close friends and at times, the water, the green, competing in triathlons, and those Sunday Brunches with Lobster Benedicts and Bloody Mary's at the beach! He hopes to come back to St. Croix for a visit soon. Wow! Maybe there is hope for his former boss, Tom Zimmerman.

Q.Safety and Process Safety Management Departments

1.Fermin Rodriguez retired in 2010 and relocated to Puerto Rico East Coast Fajardo, 15 minutes from the Rain Forest "El Yunque". El Yunque has an average of 200 inches of rain a year. His wife, Marisol has managed to breed Yorkies of 3 to 4 pounds and Schnauzer of 6 to 8 pounds. He and Marisol have become realtors in Puerto Rico. Fermin also established a consulting Company "FR Consulting LLC", to provide training, auditing, assessments, legal case support on injuries, process safety and incident command systems. The company even worked with the VI dept. of Health to develop the hospital personnel to handle mass casualties’ incidents. But more important, they are enjoying and spending quality time with their parents in a sunny Caribbean atmosphere. 
2.Dan Garde, Safety Dept. continues to live in Sarasota in addition to his home in Warrensburg, and Brooklyn, N.Y. The Brooklyn area is where he was born and raised. He still has many childhood friends in the area. He spends much of his time fishing in the North Country out of his new pontoon bass boat and kayak. For the past 29 years, he and his buddies have made a weeklong fishing trip along Lake Champaign. During the winter, he returns to Sarasota where he volunteers in the Sarasota Opera’s Music Library, and he has started an opera club with 32 members. His daughter Kim and her family moved from Wisconsin to Kansas City and Dan looks forward to visiting them once they get settled. In March, Carl and Eileen Hazel visited him in Sarasota and went to the Opera with him along with Dr. George Straschnov and his wife Dorothy who lives in Sarasota (Dr. George Straschnov worked as Dr. Christian's backup at HOVENSA). Dan has spoken to Joe DiLeo (Security Dept.) and his wife Dot. They were friends of Dan’s parents in the Retired FBI Agents' Association.
3.Juanita and Dr. Jose Poblete, Medical Dept. are well and have relocated back to the island of St. Croix. Jose is enjoying his retirement. See the family photo in Album 2.
4.Kathleen and Woody Montier (Hygienist), lives in San Antonio. Woody’s job with Tesoro is going well. Son James is also living in SA. James' wife Laura (Jim and Gloria Clay's daughter) is working on her PhD at the Health Science Center, while James works at Southwest Research. However, We wonder if Woody still has his eyes on Mars?  We remember thinking that Woody was crazy (No Jack, not because he worked with us), until he let us look thru this huge telescope that he had mounted in his front yard. We will remember our excitement all of our lives!! You could actually see the rings around Saturn!!
5.Judy and Roy Harden, Safety Dept. is now retired and living in Salado, TX, just North of Austin. It's a small tourist town with no traffic lights and 2 cops. He can even drive his golf cart on the street. Roy still helps with various turnarounds. His house got flooded (5 ft. of roaring water inside the house and garage). He lost just about everything …including his Club Car Golf Cart. His house has been re-built from inside out and he is now back in it. Hopefully it was a 500 yr. flood....who knows. Good luck Roy! 
6.Griselle and Ben Mitchell, H.R. and Safety Dept., are well and looks like he is in great shape. He is still in the National Guard with a rank of full colonel. We think that he will be the first General to come from our Hess family...Opps, I forgot about Chief Edgley! We are told that he is presently the big cheese in Health and Safety Dept. Ben continues to play music, but only to his captive 4 year old twins. We are not sure if Griselle is still doing the modeling thing, but she looks like it. How could Ben be so lucky? It must be the music.  
7.Marguerite Russell, HOVIC nurse, still resides on St. Croix. She now lives in a Condominium near the hospital where Tryphean Cornett (Construction Dept.) also lives. We miss our long conversations (some says gossip). She, Ivan Ellis (QC Lab), and Wilmot Edwards (Operations) must get together soon for breakfast and some old time talks. Last time we met it was like Fox News, more lies than facts. There was so much laughing in the place that proprietor did not give them a bill. He just wanted them to leave. She beats having breakfast with Jack any day. Her mannerism is still as soothing as ever. I hope that she never writes that book! Hank would eliminate our pensions and maybe our social security checks too.
8.Bob Scott, Safety Dept. is well and living in Odessa, Texas.
9.Chuck Hendley, Safety Dept., still resides on St. Croix and he is fully retired. His family is doing well. Chuck keeps busy with house chores, gun club, and modifying his photo collection which dates back to 1939.  
10.Joy and Joe Arthur, Safety Dept. (ret.) is well and continues living in Palm Bay, Florida.  
11.Georgia and John Piwonka (Safety), live in Clear Lake City (Houston). John is Program Development Director with Lockheed Martin (20+ years). After working for NASA-JSC in Mission Operations for 25 years, Georgia retired in 2008. John may not ever retire. Son, Craig lives in Austin, TX with his wife, Kim and John’s two granddaughters, Megan and Sydney. Craig (Texas A&M graduate) works for Dell Computers. Kevin (U of Houston graduate) lives in Clear Lake City and manages a small business. They maintain contact with John and Verne FrederickWalter (MIS) and Alice Curd (Accounting) who lives in Houston. Walter’s son, Scott and his wife Barbara and two sons live in Katy, TX. Their daughter, Kelly lives in Houston. At Alice’s birthday party a three years ago, were Judy Brewer who lives in Austin, TX after George (HR) passed away years ago. Also seen was Karen Carson, wife of Jim Carson (Litwin) who lives in Aransas Pass, TX. Jim passed away a few years ago. 
12.Ray Moss, Safety Department, has been laid off after 33 years with the company. He looks the same, but with less hair. He stays in touch with Barry Sams and some of the gang from Purvis. We wish him well and we always admired his dedication to his job.
13.Dave Worthington, Corp. Safety, relocated to Houston and is doing process safety work for upstream. His focus is primarily all on global process safety. He is no longer doing corporate safety. He just reached 24 years with Hess.
14.Kathy and Ken Smith, Safety Dept., is well and living in Plano, TX. Ken is currently serving as Emergency Response Manager for Air Liquids Electronics in Dallas. Older son Adrian is a Fire Fighter Paramedic for Dallas. Younger son Cody is the Produce Manager for Albertson’s Supermarkets.
15.Michelle and Gavin Murray (Health and Safety) are well and living on Fidalgo Island in the San Juan Islands (upper left corner of the continental USA). Children Alyssa (22), Meghan (20), and Kate (18) have all flown the coop to attend colleges in California. Alyssa spent last year working for the family business and returned to school this past fall. She’s living in a small beach community called Carpinteria. Meghan is completing her B.S. in Child Psychology at Azusa Pacific University near Pasadena, and Kate just completed her first term at San Diego State University (Kinesiology). Gavin is managing the family’s engineering, consulting, and construction business based in Anacortes, Washington (Apt Environmental Solutions, LLC) and is enthusiastic about a new office recently opened in Anchorage. He’s spent the last eleven years serving energy and mining firms in a variety of places including arctic Alaska, Kazakhstan, Moscow, Japan, London, Milan, Belgium, and the Mojave Desert. Michelle, after starting the HOVIC Cooperative Pre-School in 1991, continued to teach her children and others at church, home, and school. She is currently a Staff Mentor and 6th grade Literature/Writing teacher at Mount Erie Elementary in Anacortes. See their photos in the album section of this website.
16.Dr. Cora Christian has built the biggest house in Frederiksted. She and her husband, Simon can live there for weeks without seeing each other. Her term expired as National Director of AARP and she is not active in politics. Both kids are out of college and living on St. Croix.
17.Bob Miller, MIS Dept and now Fire Chief, has supervised some major fire emergencies. He has become an outstanding firefighter in his own right. He looks out for his men and they love him. Luther and John Edgley taught him well (poor fellow). I am told that Bob still has not qualified for his Rapid Response Team.  
18.John Edgley, the old Fire Chief, is retired and doing well on his ranch Bryan Texas, near College Station. We understand that he is not teaching at Texas A&M and the bull that pinned him against the barn wall died (we wonder if one was the cause of the other). We also wonder if he is playing golf in his bull’s grazing pasture. John did attend the 2011 Hess Reunion and the pictures of him looked great. Many of us miss the years of comradery and leadership from this outstanding fire chief.
19.Stephen Kovach, Safety Dept., is well and he is part of Chevron Energy in Huston, Texas. His name brings back old memories.

R.Security Department

1.Anselm Charles, Security Dept., still resides in St. Croix, where he is very active with his church.  
2.Dennis (Security Dept.) and Gail Sheraw are well and they continue to look like two famous movie stars. Except for a little, more white hair. Dennis is still running his security business on St. Croix, and playing music with Lin Thomas. I forgot to ask if he was still catching lobsters. Gail is still running Dennis. I wish that I had that rich look and more hair. 
3.Anita and Jay Galindo, Security Dept., are well and living in Ocala, Florida. I understand that they have a small ranch with horses. We are told that Jay when he is not riding horses, he is doing the security stuff for a large hotel chain.  
4.Howie Hamilton, Security Dept. is still kicking butts on the golf course. He is burning up the links every day, now that he has retired.
5.Ken Sargent, Security Dept., remarried but his wife recently passed. He retired from building houses. He is living in the Miami area. 
6.Anita and Jay Galino, Security Dept., are well and raising horses in Ocala, Florida where they live. We believe Jay is doing the security thing for some large hotel chain.  
7.Cynthia and Melborne Walcott, Security Dept., are well and living in Ocala, Florida. They are the proud grandparents of 5 children. Melborne continues to be active in his church. Their children are all very successful.
8.Ralph Cook , Security Dept, is retired and continues to live on St. Croix

S.Terminal Department

1.Tita and Rafael Lodrigueza, Terminal Dept. (and Elvis Presley impersonator…no joke), reside in Fort Worth, Texas. Son Enrico and his wife have three sons and reside in Bartlesville, OK. Enrico is Fuel Quality Director for ConocoPhillips. He was recently awarded a U.S. Patent for a laboratory prediction method for hydrocarbon mixtures. Daughter Veronica Gail is an Immigration Attorney in the San Francisco area. Youngest son Rafael Jose (RJ) resides in New York City and works as technical support for an independent computer repair shop specializing in Apple computers. With the children in different parts of the country, Tita and Rafael keep busy just visiting them. Recently, their travels have been put on hold until Tita recovers fully from a recent health scare which required implant of a heart pacemaker. Woody Cummings, who is now retired but still lives in St. Croix (see Ralphs photo in this website) visits with Ralph and Tita in Fort Worth whenever he is in town (Woody's daughter Fern is a doctor in Fort Worth).
2.Jeanine and Ernie Barsamian, Woodbridge Terminal Operations, are well. Ernie recently turned 52 years old. A year or two ago, he ran into Bob Skelly (Tech Services, and now General Manager of Sales - Americas for Criterion Catalysts) and Eric Dietert (VP at Pilko and Associates) at the recent NPRA Conference in San Diego.  
3.Sloan Schoyer, Terminal/Marine Departments, celebrated 34 years of service, but I believe that he wants to give his job to John Frederick or Bob Ehrlich, but he still continues to look upbeat. He might be the last of the blue dot guys. I believe that Sloan started working for Terminal when and Jack Ridgway was ten years old.
4.David Van Gurp (Maintenance), Merwyn Toby (Piping), and Arnold Greaves (Piping) are retired and living on St. Croix. However, Arnold has a trucking company in the states that he is helping his son run. All three grandfathers are very active in their respective churches. 5.Nellika Tess Charles, Terminal Dept., is happily retired after 26 yrs of service. Since retirement in she spent most of the year away from St. Croix in Florida with her daughter Lisa and her husband David & family (their great little son Joshua is 2). Nellika also visits Michigan with Lyn and her husband Emery and the big grandson (6yrs old). Lisa is married to Gus LaRocque's nephew. Unfortunately Nellika Mum died suddenly in January of 2011.
6.Gus and Rosalind LaRocque, Planning Dept., are well and living in Northern Maryland.
7.Cindy Mault is doing well after the lost of Dennis (Terminal Dept.). She lives on St. Croix near the Judith Fancy area, and continues to teach at Good Hope School. I believe that the kids are all doing well. 
8.Jeannie and Garry Swearingen, Terminal Dept., are living in Jacksonville, Florida where Garry is working as a Manager for Westway Terminal. Their daughter, Leah and family live nearby and their son, Garry Jr. and family live near Atlanta. Jeannie and Garry enjoy being with their 3 granddaughters. We all visited St Croix for the week of Thanksgiving 2011. They had a great time. Garry has been working in terminals for 44 years, and that was before most of us were born. 
9.Woody Cummings, Terminal Dept. has retired, but he continues to be seen with the most beautiful women on the island.We are waiting to read his book. Woody's daughter Fern is a doctor in Fort Worth where he often visits. See Woody in the photo section of this website.
10.Gemma and Frank Martin, Terminal Dept., are well and living in Louisiana in the northeast part of the state around Monroe. Frank says that he is now a honey doer, with low pay, but great benefits. I am sure that he is still puffing on that pipe.  
11.Carlos Cabrera, Terminal Dept. stops in HOVENSA once or twice a year for a vessel clearance. Not bad for age 83! He lives in Pittsburg, CA but he still has a home at Peppertree Terrace on St. Croix. I wonder if he still has that small aluminum boat and if he ever visits Tom Anderson?
12.Jim and Agnes Verhoff, Terminal Dept., are snowbirds, living on STX and home somewhere in the Midwest. They continue to be very active with their church. Daughter Lisa and her husband operate a first class gym on St. Croix. Jim still looks like he is sitting on top of the world.

T.Training Department

1.Harvey Nobles, Training Dept. has not written that book, but when he does every man should buy a copy (but you better not let you wife see it). It will be a best seller. Harvey is working for Hess in Equatorial Guinea West Africa. Still Training! Still married and but he has written a training manual while working in India. We must smile every time we think of Harvey.
2.Fred and Diane Lewandowski (Training Dept., and Office services) continue to enjoy retirement in Palm Coast, Florida where they enjoy visiting with their five grandchildren. More time is being spent in Florida as they are also care givers for Diane's mother and Fred's disabled sister! Fred works out at the gym daily (after double bypass surgery 2 1/2 years ago)! Son, Todd is an H.R. Executive with Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceuticals in N. J. and has 8 yr. old twins Laura and Colin and a 5-year-old little girl, Erin. Daughter, Aimee Lewandowski Fielding is a stay at home mom who also runs a "Creative Memories" scrap booking business. She has two children, a son Blake age 16 and 13 year old daughter, Sydney. Aimee and Todd, both attended Good Hope School and they both continued swimming after the St. Croix Dolphins. Todd swam for four years at Rutgers University and Aimee swam four years for Colgate University where they both set some records before "retiring" to work and raise their families.  Fred and Diane often email W.J. Howard and they are looking forward to visiting him soon on their travels up and down the east coast! Fred says that they really miss the "Christmas winds" over Estate Solitude and Solitude Bay during the winter months. When they visited Todd in NJ in late October and the snow and ice storm cut power off here for a week! After 2 days, and after the downed tree that had them blocked in was removed, they drove back to Florida! In some ways it reminded me of Hurricane David and Frederick in 1979 in St Croix! They went a few weeks without power in Estate Solitude! But the temperature was much more pleasant in St. Croix! 

U.Recently Passed:

Ben Ford, Fisher Hess
Omar Royer, son of Irving Royer (Maintenance Dept) 
Horatio Kier, MIS
George W. Grider, Maintenance Engineer
Herminia Gautier, wife of Ishmael (Maintenance)
James Francis, father of Yusef Francis (Design Engineering)
Captain Erik Nielsen, Marine Dept.
Marcia Ann Scott, wife of Kelvin Scott (Materials Dept.)
Phil Garcia, Operations Dept.
Scott Stebbins, Administration and Operations
Charlie Almon and his wife Janie (Planning Dept) passed in 2007
Sally Edge, wife of George Edge, Engineering Depts.
Joseph Simmons, Maintenance Dept.
Lyle Munson (Litwin Painting)
Peter Samuel, Operations
Julian Simmons, Operations
Eugene Hutchins (father of Eric Hutchins)
Stanly Slusasz, Admi